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You Could Soon Play PS3 Games on Sony Android Tablets and Smartphones

The smartphones in the market today are so powerful that they have completely revolutionized mobile gaming.  The entry of NVIDIA in the mobile device chip design and manufacture has seen the introduction of some very powerful smartphones, some as powerful as laptops.  Smartphones with Tegra 3 quad-core processors and the more powerful Mali-400 are truly super phones because of their performance.  This means that the phones can handle games with more demanding graphics – gaming on smartphones is a completely new experience.

Sony is about to take mobile gaming to a whole new level – you could soon play your PS3 games right on your Android phone or tablet.  Today, you can only go to play Store and get games specially developed or adapted for smartphones or tablets but if Sony’s plans come to fruition, you could play the actual PS3 games on your Sony device, just like it was a console.

Sony has acquired a cloud gaming company called Gaikai for $380 Million and its core plans is to turn it into a cloud gaming space to properly deliver PS3 games straight into Android smartphones and tablets.  Mobile gaming in general often have one major downside – you have to buy and download a game, which is often large in size depending on the complexity of the graphics.  Some games require one to have a WiFi connection to start the download to avoid download interruption.  However, with Sony’s plans of gaming in the cloud, a client on the phone can directly connect to the servers via 3G or 4G LTE network and enhance playing experience online.

One major issue with cloud gaming though is that in the long run it will use up more bandwidth than a downloaded game.  To avoid running into debt because of gaming, players may need to have an unlimited mobile data plan because the games alone will use up a significant number of gigs of data transfer.

Sony is working on optimizing their PS3 titles for Android devices in a move they expect will differentiate their commitment to gaming entertainment.  At the moment, they are not doing so well in the tablet or smartphone market but if they pull this off, they just might have a whole bunch of gamers waiting to buy their devices.  Sony has a large gaming audience worldwide thanks to their PlayStation consoles but with the evolution of mobile gaming, console sales are expected to take a plunge from now on.

Do you think gaming in the cloud on an Android device is a practical project?

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