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Yahoo CEO Wants All Employees To Switch to iPhones


Yahoo’s newly appointed CEO Marissa Mayer, seems to be making some important changes with the way things work over at Yahoo. The in-news chief has apparently suggested all employees switch to iPhones (sponsored by Yahoo) so as to streamline things and keep everybody on the same track. The CEO’s love towards iPhones have been made public even during her stint with Google, and obviously it wouldn’t die off easy. This would be beneficial for the company in more ways than one, especially since most of Yahoo’s business come under the mobile category. Most Yahoo employees currently rock BlackBerry smartphones, but that could change in the immediate future. It is believed that Mayer has also given the choice of Android smartphones instead of iPhones if the employees feel that’s suitable.

Purchasing an iPhone for all of its employees shouldn’t cost Yahoo much given the stature of the company. These are the kind of changes that were expected post the introduction of a vibrant and energetic CEO like Marissa Mayer. We have yet to see if this idea actually materializes, but it certainly seems that way now. The board would be pleased with the ideas flowing from the new CEO and we could get to see a few more changes in the coming days. Yahoo isn’t the force it once used to be, so dynamic execs are the way to go really.

With the board given the choice between an all iPhone or an all Android Yahoo employee group, we can see the company leaning towards iPhones given the CEO’s love towards the Apple branded smartphone. With all the employees using the same device, app development could be boosted in a major way and prove to be profitable for the company. According to the numbers from the recent quarter, Yahoo has approximately $1.91 billion in hand, which could easily accommodate for the all employee iPhone scheme. The employees shouldn’t mind the shift to iPhones or Android if it means that the work force can be improved. The shift in smartphones is said to cost the company about $2 million, so the financial part isn’t an issue at all. The employees might need some convincing though. Regardless, it’s a great move by the company and we should see the results if any in the coming financial quarter or probably the next.

Source: AllThingsD
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