Xiaomi Phone 2 will possibly Debut on August 16th, packaging said to withstand 180kg of weight

Rumors have said that the Chine startup, Xiaomi, will soon be releasing it’s next generation Android smartphone while “spy shots” float all around the internet. These “spy shots” were shot down by a representative and claimed that all those “spy shots” were rejected designs. This is the same person that told CNMO that the Xiaomi Phone 2 will be featuring a larger display (he did not give out exact dimensions) along with Qalcomm’s quad core chip that is clocked at 1.5GHz. If this stands true, this would make the Xiaomi Phone 2 the first smartphone to pack the APQ8064 Silicon. This shouldn’t be a surprise really, especially that the partnership between both Xiaomi and Qualcomm (we also probably shouldn’t mention that the latter is a very heavy investor of Xiaomi).

According to Sina Tech, they are reporting that an insider, Xiaomi will be hosting the launch event on August 16th to debut their “Xiaomi Phone 2.” As weird as it sounds, they will be offering tickets to non-media attendants for $30 per person. The reason this is weird is because at the original unveiling of the Xiaomi Phone, people were able to just walk into the unveiling without charge.

Aside from all that, the founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, and his fellow colleagues have been making a huge deal about their eco-friendly packaging for the upcoming smartphone. The original packaging for the original smartphone was able to get the package to withstand 85kg of weight. With the second-gen smartphone the packaging has been bumped up to 180kg. Unless the package gets put under something really heavy, I think it’ll bet set for a safe delivery.

Xiaomi hasn’t had any news on a price for the device yet. I assume this will be unveiled at the Launch event for the second-gen smartphone though. I can already imagine how popular this device is going to be. Not only do the supposed “rejected designs” look fantastic but it’s a pretty decent size too. I’m pretty excited to find out what the official device will look like. As a side note, if you zoom in on the above picture you’ll notice the two guys are sweating profusely. Man! That picture must of taken a lot of work!

What do you think about the Xiamoi Phone 2? Are you excited for it? Will you be going to the launch even on August 16th despite the new ticket costs that have for some reason arose?

source: Engadget

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