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Windows phone, Xbox 360 and Windows 8 all in one?

Technology really does not cease to surprise, with new and improved inventions being introduced each and everyday, it’s a bit hard to keep track of the entire latest techno buzz around the world. But this time we’ve got something for you that would totally boggle your mind away, ever imagined of playing, pausing and resuming a game on one device and playing it again on another device, on the same level? Well if you haven’t Windows 8 is going to make this dream come true.

The Xbox live games, Minesweeper, Solitaire and Mahjong all suggest that the mere dream of resuming a game on another device is going to be real. Earlier we saw this on the Windows Phone lifecycle, we were given a demo of the continuous client principle along with the arcade shooter The Harvest but there had not been much success over it. These games might be pretty ordinary for all the pro gamers out there, but it’s just another step towards the ultimate and real gaming experience of the future.

It is not yet clear if these features would be available on Windows phone 7.5 and Windows phone 8.0 devices, at the time being, because nothing official has been announced. But no need to lose hope folks, we do know this by now that windows phone 8 is going to have various gaming credentials, along with the fact that it’s going to have full Direct X games which would enhance your gaming experience greatly and introduce another gaming world to you.

There is upcoming news in the year ahead, that windows phone 8 will be giving amazing Xbox live experiences as a standalone device or a conjunction with Microsoft’s marvelous gaming properties like the Xbox 360 or the PC. This might not be a really big step for many gamers, but if windows phone touches this line it might just revolutionize the gaming experience forever.

In the year ahead we might see greater and stronger integration of the windows phone, Xbox 360 and windows 8 with the launch of SmartGlass. SmartGlass will ensure that these devices work in peace with one another to make one indestructible force together.

Everyone is very well aware of the complex nature of games and how engineering these games requires much more work to be done rather than just pausing and resuming on a mobile. This could be something really big for all the gamers out there as now Microsoft intends to bring the magnificent multiplayer experience from the Xbox live to the windows phone. For now we have to keep our fingers crossed as the current era of Xbox live games catches on to the windows phone gradually so that now everyone enjoys the ultimate gaming experience of the future.

Will Microsoft win and be able to create such a platform where all your devices can be your ultimate gaming station, or are we jumping on conclusions too soon? Only time will tell. No denying the fact that this is a stepping stone to the new world of gaming.


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