Windows Phone Tango Update for Nokia Lumia 900 Now Available for Download

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone Tango update has been rolled out on Monday but made available for download on Tuesday, August 14th. The update promises to bring quite a handful of fixes and improvements making Lumia 900 a new device once the new firmware is successfully flashed into it. According to Matthew Miller of ZDNet, the package consists of three updates that would run about 45 minutes to complete installation.

Nokia Lumia 900 sports a pretty powerful camera sensor featuring Carl Zeiss technology so many enthusiasts believe Tango will have its focus set on improving the photography aspect and it’s true. For US Lumia 900 users, the first among the list of improvements is the camera. However, the Canadian version has its focus on Flip-to-silence feature.

Here are some of the key features WP Tango will bring.

Camera Improvement. While the loudest feature Lumia 900 had was the camera, it failed to impress professional and amateur photographers alike when it was released. Months and months passed and Nokia hasn’t released an update that would dramatically fix the issue until now. Many believe the poor quality images snapped by 900’s sensor was because of the hardware but Tango has actually fixed the issue. You can find more information about the fixes and improvements done for the camera from WP Central.

Flip-to-silence. This is among the features that the Finnish phone maker has been touting before and after Lumia 900 was released. This feature is well-described by its name; you can put the phone to silent mode by just flipping it over. This may be a very important feature for students or people who might be attending meetings but are bringing their phones with them. There is no setting that can be found for this feature because it is always on.

Screen Brightness. This is one of the features promised by Nokia to come with Tango update. After flashing the phone, users would be able to notice that the device will dim down almost unnoticeably when in regular room light. It may not be something special but it will help reduce battery strain and apparently saves power.

Volume Rocker. Previous versions of the OS will disable the volume rocker when on stand-by; to adjust the volume, a double-tap was needed to wake the device up then the rocker would work. Tango, however, fixed this issue allowing users to adjust the volume even if Lumia 900 is on stand-by.

Furthermore, Nokia and Microsoft will hold a joint press conference on 5th September in New York. There is no information as to the agenda but it may have something to do with the current update or the upcoming release of Windows 8. We are also expecting that Microsoft will shed light on the rumors that it is planning to purchase Nokia.

Reports indicate that Lumia 900 will not be receiving the much anticipated Windows Phone 8 OS. Basically, it would be stuck with Tango and while we know third-party developers could find a way to bring the latest OS, people who want to receive official updates will fall disappointed. The recent Tango update is one good way of attracting new customers, however, it may not be enough to convert iOS and Android users.

Source: ZDNet

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