Windows 8 Is Ready For Your Enterprise

Windows 8 is a much awaited operating system and it should be because it is the latest one we are seeing after Windows 7. Well, the good news about windows 8 is that, it is now available to Software Assurance Customers via the Volume License Service Center (VLSC). This will allow these users to test, pilot, and being adapting to the Windows 8 Enterprise within their organization. Moreover, this will also give the users a chance to test the new features and ask for help about the problems they might encounter.

However, the Software Assurance customers are not the only ones who can test the latest Windows 8 and its features and get to know it better before others do. For those customers who are interested in trying out the key features in Windows 8 Enterprise, they can easily get the Windows 8 Enterprise with the help of their TechNet Professional Subscription or MSDN Subscription, as both of these subscriptions have the power to do so.

Let us not forget about our IT professional friends who do want to have access the Windows 8 Enterprise, but they are limited because they do not have access to any other sources, which can get them the Windows 8 Enterprise. However, for such people, there is a 90 day evaluation version now available for download through the TechNet Evaluation Center. If you have any sort of questions regarding the free evaluation version of Windows 8 Enterprise, then you can take a look at the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation FAQ’s.

People, who will be deploying the Windows 8 Enterprise, should keep in mind that the KMS and MAK volume activation methods are still there and works as they did before. The KMS and MAK volume activation methods first featured in Windows 7 Enterprise and they are now featuring again in the Windows 8 Enterprise. However, there is also a new Active directory-based Activation method as well in the Windows 8 Enterprise. This offers a way to leverage your existing Active Directory infrastructure to simplify the process of activation.

Keep in mind that in order to use the MAK and KMS activation, you will need to obtain new keys from the Volume License Service Center (VLSC). In order to enable Windows 8 Enterprise activation on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 computer as your KMS host, you will also need to install a hotflix for this purpose. Keep in mind that you cannot enable Windows 8 Enterprise activation without hotflix on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

In order to get more info about the Volume Activation Overview, you can read more at TechNet.

Windows 8 Enterprise is almost available for the masses, and the current phase of handing out free 90 day trial is just to let people get a hang of the new Windows 8 experience. So, make sure to get your free copy from any of the above mentioned methods and let us know about you and your Windows 8 Enterprise experience. Windows has faced some tough challenges by Ubuntu and Linux lately and Microsoft has worked a lot in making Windows 8 hold its competitive edge. Only time will tell if it’s able to hold its standards.


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