Will Verizon be launching LG Intuition on September 15th?

In this amidst crowd of Smart phones, we have another stiff competition at our hands in this September. Who is it this time? Samsung? HTC? It’s neither Samsung nor HTC; in fact it’s none other than LG, joining the big league of Smartphone companies like Samsung and Apple, to be releasing their phone next month.

The LG Optimus VU is coming to Verizon finally. This isn’t something new for the daily techno buffs since we’ve been hearing this news from a very long time and it’s about time the phone comes out. However, there is something new from the daily news, the carrier, as Verizon plans on changing the name of the phone which would soon appear on the line named as the LG Intuition.

There have been leaked pictures seen of the phone over the internet, which we suspect aren’t the real ones however we’ll still give you a quick review about it. The press render seems to show the all new Optimus VU/ Intuition with the collaboration of Verizon. The pictures are pretty much similar to the live pictures which have already been seen by most of us.

Another interesting thing about the phone is that it gives us clues towards the date when the phone is likely to be released. The date on the home screen appears to be the September 15th at 2pm and the day listed as Saturday, however, we know all such dates and clues are mere rumors and there’s nothing certain here.

So is LG really introducing a new phone on the September 15th? We say there are likely any chances that they are and the news should be treated more of a rumor rather than news. However, we daresay if for instance this is not a rumor and is true then LG has some really tough competition ahead with Apple releasing the iPhone 5 the very month and Nokia working on a windows phone to be released in the same month, LG might just be overshadowed.

Whether it’s a rumor or no rumor LG has indeed presented great phones in the market and there Optimus line is indeed very successful however lately there has been a spark missing with LG and in order to compete with those mighty competitors LG really needs to step up its game and bring something new, innovative and advanced to the table so that they could tackle such heavy competition and do not emerge out of the battle as a wounded and crippled soldier.

If however this is just a mere rumor (which we’re assuming it is) LG really needs to come up with something by the end of this year to tackle the emerging and strong smart phone brands in the market. So we say LG come up with something first before the company stays too behind and lose its valued customers. Rumor or no rumor LG really needs to step up its game and show that it is a company to be taken seriously so we hope we see a new LG phone in the near future which would blow us all away.

Source: https://pocketnow.com/2012/08/26/lg-intuition-press-render/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pocketnow+%28pocketnow.com%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

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  1. The LG Intution is a half baked piece of garbage compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I hope Verizon does not think their customers are morons to pick this polished turd from LG over the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I even checked my ETF with Verizon so I can switch to AT&T if Verizon does not carry this phone. I wanted the first note but I’m not going to miss this again if Verizon does not carry it.

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