Where’s my Perry? Update Released Today

Disney’s game, Where’s my Perry? that I did a review on around a week ago just released an update today. It seems that we did not get a content update as many had thought. It’s been almost a month or two since the game came out and we have not received any of the free content that Disney claimed they were going to give those who purchased their game. I’m really beginning to wonder if they’re actually going to follow through with this as the statement that they were going to give more free content is still on Google Play but once again, it’s been two months since the games release and we still have not seen any extra content at all in any way.

What’s this update about then anyway? They seemed to have fixed two things. Originally the Nexus 7 was having a ton of trouble running Where’s my Perry? without having a consistent Wi-Fi connection. I was amazed at this bug as I wasn’t having the same issue. Then again, that could be because I have a data connection constantly running. Disney was able to fix this so that you didn’t have to have a constant Wi-Fi connection. There’s only one issue now though, they removed the Wi-Fi issue but the application is now crashing if Wi-Fi isn’t active. It seems like all they did was just move the glitch or “bug” around and hoped that would work. This just proves how much Disney is really paying attention to their customers and claiming to have a “quality” application. Sure the puzzles are fun and all but if they can’t provide users the best experience possible in a timely matter, why even bother? It’s been a couple weeks that people have been having this issue and they are just now fixing it or should I say moving it around.

This same issue was happening with the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201. Reviewers say that problem is completely fixed on this tablet. You won’t need a Wi-Fi connection to open or play the game. Again, the problem still persists on the Nexus 7 tablet. I guess they may just be trying to update it one tablet at a time (that’s kind of ridiculous). The issue could also be that Where’s my Perry? hasn’t been Jelly Bean optimized yet, so maybe we’ll be seeing that fixed in the coming weeks. If not, I seriously just lost some respect for Disney’s mobile division.

I do hope that we will be seeing some extra content soon though. Many people enjoyed the many different puzzles and are awaiting extra content. I also hope that they don’t do the same thing with this as they did with Where’s my Water?. They released two free content updates and then proceeded to charge for any extras such as the Mystery Duck expansion for the game.

Today’s update to Where’s my Perry? is going to have you re-download the full game again. Unfortunately, as you should be used to, you can not download just the supposed “fix.”


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