Valve Bans Users With Fake Greenlight Projects

If you’ve read our article earlier, you probably know that Valve has just launched their Steam Greenlight service which will allow users to help vote on what Indie games make it onto the Steam platform. That said, Valve has begun banning Steam members who are creating fake projects on the Steam Greenlight service, and rightly so.

“I’ve already seen just in the last HOUR: two entries for Mass Effect 3, five various entries for Half Life 3, Left 4 Dead ‘3’, Command and Conquer 1, every single Need for Speed game,” one Steam user reported. “That’s not including patently offensive games that make fun of Africans, Indians, various pro/anti American games [and] a game about 9/11,” he finished.

“Best WTC Plane Simulator” happened to be one of the games that was removed in the Steam Greenlight service during its first day of launching the tool. The tool initially launched with thirty projects, there are now around 590. As you would expect though, numbers are expected to fluctuate as those who post “fake” projects get banned and their projects removed. Out of the 590, there are probably 120 legit ones while everyone else thinks its cool to make a fake project for some odd reason.

I’m sure Valve expected this, but based off of a statement they made a while back, I’m sure they were hoping other wise:

“We’ve been working on this feature for the last few months with the input from a group of indie partners, and the response has been extremely positive,” said Valve’s Anna Sweet. “With the additional help of beta testers, we are able to launch with a solid line-up of titles for the community to start viewing and rating. And, as we’ve done with all Steam features, we intend to continually grow and modify Greenlight as more and more developers and community members have a chance to get involved.”

I swear, the childish kids of the internet makes it the reason as to”why we can’t have nice things,” as Eurogamer states.

source: Eurogamer

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