Use Your Nexus 7 To Make And Receive Phone Calls

XDA member bongostl has made a step-by-step guide on how to modify your tablet to make it like your smartphone! He’ll show you how to enable both outgoing and incoming calls through Google’s Voice service. It requires you to edit a few different system files, so your tablet is going to need to be rooted for this to work. There a way to do it without rooting and all these steps, but from my understanding this will allow you to still receive calls in Gmail from your computer. What the root method does is make the device or tablet think it’s capable of voice, which allows dialer app voice+ to connect through Google Voice and place a phone call.

Incoming calls will be cared for by an SIP app, such as CSipSimple. This will require you to also set up a call number and routing user some other online services such as the popular callcentric and ipkall. Pair all of those with Google Voice, a few minor edits to framework-res.apk file, a recompile, and lastly the flashing of an, you will finally have yourself a tablet-phone in a quick 16 and fairly easy steps. I guess you could almost call it a “Phablet’ like Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup, but that name’s taken already!

It’s only obvious that you will also need a Wi-Fi connection for this to work too.

Honestly, I think this is a really cool way of adding voice to your tablet. What will be cool is when people start making tablets that can make phone calls without any editing needed. Sure, they aren’t really meant for phone calls per-say, but it would be cool to have that capability right when you purchase your tablet.

Now all of you are probably wondering what the “non-root” method. Well, you could just skip all of bongsostl’s steps and just head right over to the Google Play Store and download GrooVe IP. It’s way simpler and easy. Bongostl’s method has the advantage of letting you still receive phone calls in your Gmail on your computer where with GrooVe IP, it’s either one or the other.

Anyone who’s read my articles before understands that I hesitate when it comes to Rooting and flashing ROMs, thus for me, GrooVe IP is the better of the two choices here. Anyone else who does hacking or even tweaks their devices a lot will get the luxury of Bongostl’s method. Everyone else though, we’ll probably hide in the shadows using GrooVe IP. That is, if we even wanted a way to make phone calls on our tablet. Personally, I’d just use my smartphone since it’s almost always siting right next to my tablet.

Either way, it’s really cool to see that the capabilities are there to make this happen. I’m sure many will enjoy having the luxury of just using the tablet. It’ll probably be especially nice if you can get speaker phone going on your tablet (that’s possible with GrooVe IP, I haven’t see it for myself on the root method though)!

source: XDA

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