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Nokia Prototype running on WP8 appears in China


A new Nokia smartphone, believed to be running on the new Windows Phone 8 operating system has leaked in China courtesy of WP Dang. Two pictures of this mystery device were caught on Chinese social networking site Sina Weibo which were later removed, raising further suspicion. This smartphone is believed to be an early prototype of a future Nokia WP device, supposedly the Lumia 910.

There isn’t much info available about the device, but it seems like a cross between the Lumia 800 and the 900. And since yellow is a new color in the Lumia series, we have more reasons to believe in its authenticity. However, it’s not clear if the device is running Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 7.8 as both OSes look pretty much the same. Besides the usual tell-tale signs of a Lumia device, the smartphone has a signing on the bottom which says “”, which is a link for Nokia prototype device owners. Remember this should be taken as a rumor, considering that it’s a rather unknown smartphone and the uncertainty surrounding the operating system.


While the Windows Phone universe is prepping the WP 7.8 update for its devices, Microsoft is working on the new Windows Phone 8 for next gen smartphones. With Nokia being the company’s closest Windows Phone partner, it won’t surprise us if the company comes out with the first WP8 device. There’s still some waiting left to do though, as the OEMs aren’t ready with WP 7.8 yet. Microsoft has a tough task in hand to regain the customers’ faith after the company announced the Windows Phone 8 OS in June.

Owners are still getting over the fact that their WP7.5 device will be stuck with Windows Phone 7.8 for eternity which is something that Microsoft has tried to explain, but hasn’t quite succeeded. It is understandable though, given that WP8 is a major upgrade and Microsoft had to be blunt to bring some major changes to the table. We should have more info about Windows Phone 8 smartphones in the coming days.

Source: WP Dang
Via: WP Central

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