Tribes: Ascend Awarding Double EXP Starting Today

If you have no idea what Tribes: Ascend is you might be interested in trying it out. It’s a completely free to play shooter game, so there’s no money lost. If you’re not interested in trying it out, essentially all Tribes: Ascend is is a seriously fast paced free to play first person shooter with highly competitive gameplay. You may have heard of the game if you follow commentators like John “TotalHalibut” Bain and etc. I personally have found the game really fun and enjoyable, but players that are just getting into the game are seriously going to benefit from this new offer for this week only.

Starting today for labor day weekend (which also happens to be the PAX Prime convention) experience that is gained from Tribes: Ascend matches in both public and custom servers will be doubled. The Double EXP weekend will be lasting until Tuesday and will give players the perfect excuse to ignore the family and get one more CTF (Capture the Flag) game in before the labor day dinner.

That said, Players are going to find it a whole lot easier to level up than usual, and that is because of this Double EXP weekend (this could also potentially mean more in-game cash to spend on new weapons and etc!). Only baseline experience from matches will be doubled though, but VIP status or some other various experience boosts you’re able to pick up will stack on top of this exclusive bonus. Since this bonus lasts until Tuesday, players can seriously take advantage of this and will be able to rise through the ranks really quickly.

Hi-Rez Studios (creators of Tribes: Ascend) is going to be at PAX today, and is going to have 50 stations where players will be able to play the game right at the convention. So, even if you’re not at home and you’re hanging out at PAX today you might be able to get in a game or two of that Double EXP goodness before it ends on Tuesday, September 4th.

Is anyone actually interesting in the Double EXP weekend for Tribes: Ascend? Have you heard of the game before, or are you just now getting ready to give it a try? Whatever the case, since it’s Double EXP you really should be enjoying yourself this weekend if you’re into the game! That said, is anyone going to be at PAX today in Washington? We’ll be making sure to cover the majority of it today and Monday, so stay tuned with The Droid Guy for all the exclusive release titles and even rumors of updated on the Wii U! We’ll keep you posted!

source: PC Gamer

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