Three Nexus Devices Very Possibly In The Works

If anyone remembers, Google reported only several months ago that they would be offering several Nexus devices later in the year. A very reliable source had said that they would announce five of such devices on the Android operating system’s 5th birthday. Everything has been completely quiet since then, except for this morning’s new on a Galaxy Nexus with a few minor spec bumps. But, just like what happened last year around the same time, the rumors have begun to flow really hot. That said, it appears we’re in for another ride on the Nexus rumor train. Hopefully it’ll be a fun ride and won’t lead to a terrible disappointment of feelings.

This one rumor is without a lout of substance because there isn’t a whole to go on aside from a few Japanese forums that seem to be reporting about a few certain Nexus devices that could potentially be hitting DoCoMo later this year. The first device we’ve heard about is the Xperia Nexus, which in a way, doesn’t seem very far fetched with the news that Google is currently working on support AOSP (Android Open Source Project) on the Xperia S. Sony as we all know, makes some fantastic hardware. That said, I think we can all agree that Google would love to work with this company due to that fantastic hardware and the large fanbase surrounding them. I mean, if you think about, Sony is really good at making their Xperia devices, there is a huge surrounding with them. Not to mention with their new Gaikai cloud gaming service coming up, it should get a even larger fan base. That said, It is very understandable as to why Google would want to work with Sony on making a Xperia Nexus.

The next device we have coming up is the Optimus Nexus being created by LG. There’s not a whole to say on this one aside from saying that I would not buy another phone from LG ever again. Even if its a Nexus device, their phones are simply pieces of junk. My first phone experience with them was terrible. I had gotten the Optimus V after reading some fantastic reviews on the device. When it came down to it, it was a terrible phone, lagged like heck and had very little support for apps. Thus I won’t be getting an Optimus Nexus if rumors prove to be true (on the other hand, if the Firefox OS comes out any time soon, I would try that on an LG device since they were the first ones rumored to be making it).

Lastly, we have the Galaxy Nexus 2 coming up. Which of course, as you guessed will be made by Samsung Electronics, the creators of the original Galaxy Nexus handset. It does not seem really all that spectacular after you consider the leak of the “superior” Galaxy Nexus this morning with the model number of GT-i9260. Now, Samsung is a fantastic company, but if these rumors all prove to be true, I think I would lean more towards the Xperia Nexus as I think that would probably be the better Nexus for me. The first reason being that Gaikai is supposedly supposed to be exclusive to the Xperia handsets and that I think Sony is one of my most favorite companies with Electronic Arts a close runner up (I know, EA does not make hardware). Therefore, I would probably be leaning towards Sony for my devices more in future purchases..

Of course, we have a couple companies that are missing from the list. Those two are Motorola and HTC (which could possibly be having financial troubles right now). We all know that Google now owns Motorola Mobility, and if there’s to be another Nexus device, Motorola is most likely to be the last person to be chosen to make one. That’s mainly because I think Google isn’t ready to jump into hardware just yet, I’m not sure they want to be competing with the likes of Samsung and HTC. I mean, they are already walking a pretty thin line and have been for quite a while. I think that Google will want to be making their own phones soon, and purchasing Motorola seemed to be a step towards that. But, I think they are still trying to bide their time to make sure they can stand up to the Big Apple in Cupertino. At that point, it is most likely then that they will be releasing their own handsets. I currently just think Motorola making a Nexus device is a bad move right now. On the other hand, if there are going to be multiple devices released, why wouldn’t HTC be involved with it? Many thought they did a superb job with with the Nexus One, so why wouldn’t they be involved in the ordeal? Of course, both Motorola and HTC could still be involved with the deal, but it might just be that the source that leaked this does not have all that information quite yet. Man, imagine HTC making another Nexus device, does that excite any of the HTC fans out there?

If we are going to assume that there will be five devices to release on Android’s 5th birthday this year, it’s really not a crazy idea to think that the top five Android OEM’s would be the ones chosen to make a few new Nexus devices at all. I guess we’re just going to have to wait until November 5th to see how it all plays out. Until then, this is only the beginning of the long ride through the rumormill. It’s going to be a fairly crazy 3 months of leaks and rumors about these devices. I honestly hope a lot of them are true though. I will especially be keeping a close eye on Sony myself, I can’t wait to see what they will be coming up with with the new Xperia Nexus device.

Is anyone excited? Are you ready for November? We are! Let us know in the comments below!


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