The ChargeCard For iPhone and Android Devices

Only last month, two geniuses started a new project on Kickstarter that has really blown up in terms of the funding they were asking for. The project was called the ChargeCard and was initially built for iPhone’s. It turns out, they are now also making them for Android devices in a micro USB size, which might I add, is pretty awesome. The concept? It’s like a USB cable but in the form of a compact credit card. It’ll allow you to put it directly inside your wallet and let you plug it into any type of USB port when your phone needs a quick charge. Of course, you’re going to need a USB Adapter for this to fully work. Here’s the concept of the project off of Kickstarter:

Our quest was simple: a charging cable for your iPhone portable enough for you to always have it on you. Being ultra-portable, however, wasn’t enough; it needed to fit into your life. So we designed ChargeCard in the shape of a business card, and at only three times the thickness of a credit card. With this form factor, the ChargeCard fits naturally into your wallet, purse or pocket. It’s there when you need it, and out of your way when you don’t.

One of the cool things is that the ChargeCard was designed to also work the bulky cases like the widely known Otterbox. If you want to do numerous things with your phone, you’ll usually have to take the Otterbox off and set it aside until your done. That said, the ChargeCard works perfectly fine with the Otterbox and will require no removal of it. That said, it’s obvious that the design they were going for was meant to be portable and essentially free of any type of hassle whatsoever.

When it comes down to it, this card is all about portability. It’s your standard charger, just made in a portable manner. It simply fits in your wallet for you to pull out whenever you need it. No more need to take cables that tangle so easily! I’m really excited for this project to finish and for them to start shipping out models to everyone. You may be asking, “well, how much are they asking for?” They were originally asking for $50,000 until they surpassed that mark almost twice while sitting at a $141,000 with 8 days left to go. I’m just going to take a wild guess here, but I think a lot of people like the idea.

Here’s some of the dimensions and design behind the ChargeCard:

At 0.1″ thick (2.54mm), ChargeCard fits easily into even the most compact wallets. You can even store it underneath many iPhone cases. ChargeCard’s body is made from durable ABS plastic and its foldout USB arm is made of a flexible thermoplastic elastomer.

From what it sounds like, the ChargeCard is going to be priced at $25, but right now you can get it for $20 if you decide to back the Kickstarter project. I’ve personally backed it and can’t wait to see this baby in the mail!

Let us know what you think about the ChargeCard! Do you think it’ll become popular and widely known or do you just see it as another handy tool to use?

source: Kickstarter

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