Team Curse and Team Dignitas Disqualified at MLG

If you hadn’t heard, Major League Gaming (MLG) concluded the League of Legends Summer Championship yesterday. The prize pool was $40,000 and whoever won the final match would take that money home. Unfortunately, the event ended with the disqualification of the game’s top two teams, Team Dignitas and Curse NA. The two teams battled it out aggressively in an unorthodox manner after choosing to play an All Random, All Middle (ARAM) game. While this wasn’t illegal move per-say, MLG issued a statement telling us that that was not why they were disqualified.

Curse NA and Team Dignitas were disqualified for “collusion,” after the two teams supposedly agreed with each other to split the prize money. Major League Gaming, known for being one of the top eSports organizations said and determined that this agreement was in violation of their official code of conduct and therefore neither teams will be receiving the prize pool nor will they be receiving any points to go on into the North American Regionals. While not making it into the regionals isn’t a bad thing per-say, losing a total of $40,000 right when it was in your grasp is rather disappointing. Where will the prize pool go then, you may ask? Major League Gaming will be splitting up the prize between the third and fourth teams.

Soon after the announcement from MLG, Curse NA have released sincere apologies on both Twitter and YouTube. Here’s what Team Curse NA had to say along with a apology video:

Team curse apologies for behavior at MLG Raleigh, playing ARAM first round was not acceptable and we ask our fans to forgive us.

As far as I could find, Team Dignitas hasn’t released an apology video nor have they apologized on Twitter but they have released an official statement on their website. I don’t know what the official statement says as I am getting weird errors on their website, but I’m sure it is a similar response to what the Curse League of Legends team had to say. From as far as we know, it sounds like that neither Team Dignitas and Team Curse were blacklisted. They were just disqualified, so we will be seeing them again in future events at the very least!

Hopefully this incident hasn’t had an affect on their followers and fans, as they are both really skilled at what they’re doing with MLG and some other eSports organizations.

If you’re able to head on over to Team Dignitas’ website and post their official statement in the comments, that would be greatly appreciated. We’ll make sure to update the post and give you credit.

Any thoughts on this incident between the two teams? Do you think its fair that they agreed to split the prize money after doing an ARAM in their final match in the finals? I think that to an extent it was unfair, if anything both teams should of went to one of the guys in charge of that and requested that to happen. There was also nothing wrong with writing Team Dignitas a check after winning either.


source: GameSpot


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