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Taiwanese Central Bank Governor Urges Support for HTC

The Taiwanese government has reportedly committed itself to helping bring HTC out of the financial slump that in which the Android device maker has found itself. Seeing the company’s possible demise if the government does not intervene, the Central Bank Governor Perng Fai-nan had suggested to the Taiwanese government to extend some aid to HTC. The Taiwanese government responded by assigning the Ministry of Economic Affairs to assist HTC. Moreover, it appealed to patriotic sentiments by urging the public to support the brand.

This move will help not just the Taiwan-based Android device manufacturer but also HTC’s investors, been clamoring for HTC to sell the company. Furthermore, HTC plays a vital role in boosting the country’s economy. The revenue it brings to Taiwan allows the country to raise their gross domestic product as it increases the country’s export. Taiwan had already been having problems with its decreasing export figures for five month in a row, and HTC’s failure will spell worse problems for the country. Already, Taiwan’s exports has declined for 11.6% last month as compared to the figures it got last year. Meanwhile, HTC’s market value has plummeted at least $1 billion in only a couple of days due to fierce pressure from Apple and Samsung, today’s leading smartphone manufacturers. Moreover, HTC is facing patent infringement cases.

Consumers can only hope that HTC’s financial problems do not cause them to cut down on costs in research and design which could lower the quality of their products. There is still, hope, of course. HTC is supposedly preparing a successor to its flagship device, the One X. The rumored device is said to be called the HTC Endeavor C2 which features a 1.7GHz quad-core processor.

It may be recalled that HTC had been a phone giant when manufacturers were just starting to introduce Android smartphones in the market. Since then, it had successfully become one of the country’s major exporters. However, its various problems drove the company from its position to the state it is now in.

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