T-Mobile Galaxy S II Update Makes It The First Isis-Ready Phone

There was a rather abrupt OTA (Over the Air) update (T989UVLH1) for the T-Mobile Galaxy S II was announced today, with a 2-line changelog that really won’t excite anyone at all, unless NFC (Near Field Communication) makes you excited. Here’s the patch notes:


  • ISIS/NFC update
  • Bug fixes

That’s literally the entire changelog. The ISIS mention is really easy to overlook, as this is the first phone to officially indicate support for the carrier-backed mobile payments or more commonly known as Near Field Communications. Unfortunately, we do not have a T-Mobile Galaxy S II to test the new update. That said, we aren’t sure if this is actually bring the Isis application itself or if this just some small preparing steps towards releasing it in the near future. Whichever it actually is, it does imply that this phone will be able to handle a sort of Near Field Communication that is known as ISIS.

Some users over on the XDA Forums have claimed that this update brings up Android 4.0.4, as well, but T-Mobile’s official update page has said that it’s still sitting at a Android 4.0.3 build. It still is quite possible that T-Mobile is wrong at this point as the XDA community is usually really good at keeping up on this sort of stuff. This update is only available through Kies only.

There are some pretty important things about this Isis from this update, too. First of all, this has confirmed that Isis isn’t going to be something that will exclusively ship with new handsets. At this very least we can assume that T-Mobile will be updating some older and more popular devices (unlike the near field communication) to support Isis too, and as you can imagine, this is a really cool thing. Some carriers backing the Isis system include T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon (it is is very well possible that Sprint is possibly making its own mobile wallet system). How are they backing it though? Oh, just investing around $100 million+ into the Isis company. Microsoft has even gone as far to say that Windows Phone 8 will support the standard straight out of the box.

Isis also has some deals for point of sale support with some other companies like VeriFone, Ingenico, VIVOtech, and Equinox Payments. Those companies together control the majority of the point of sale hardware here in the United States. It’s clear that all of these carriers are wanting Isis to become the main mobile payment standard here in the United States with how much they are investing in the company. The carriers already seem to have the advantage of right now, but it’s a market where some competitors are popping up very rapidly. A numerous amount of retailers that are worth a bit over $1 trillion of annual commerce just announced MCX, which looks like it could be a very large force in the mobile payment area of things.

If you have an OTA (Over the Air) update ready for your device, it’s quite possible that it may just be Isis, so let us know in the comments below if you manage to find anything!

source: Android Police

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