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T-Mobile Coming Out With A Sort of Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile has reported that they have a data plan on its way that is actually going to be fully unlimited. I and you all know that we at least go over our set data plans quite a few times a month (I think I’m at 15GB’s out of my 5GB cap, ouch…). That said, could this new plan be a tend to all of these annoying $10 charges for going over. Could it actually bring some freedom as to what we can do with our plans instead of sticking close to budgeting and making our data try and last through the month? It’s quite possible.

What’s most interesting about this is that the plan is supposedly a small charge of $30 for Classic Plan customers and/or $20 for customers with the Value Plan. This plan is going to be available for all account types whether it be Small Business, Enterprise and in Puerto Rico. What stinks is that tethering isn’t included in this plan, thus those that use their Hotspot for internet might be quite disappointed. On the bright side, T-Mobile will be offering both 5GB and 10GB options for those that wish to tether to their computer.

What’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G good for?

  • Watch HD content to your heart’s content without worrying about things suddenly slowing down on you
  • NOT for those that wish to share their device’s data connection
  • Those that currently have 2GB of data and don’t want to worry anymore
  • Those that just want piece of mind

Now everyone, lets hope they market this plan so much that both AT&T, Sprint and Verizon begin to lose customers due to this beautiful plan by T-Mobile. If they do it right, it’s very well possible that most of the carriers might just head that way as well. I don’t see as to why carriers don’t already offer an unlimited plan and just exclude the Hotspot. It’d be cool if AT&T (my carrier, because they work in rural areas) decided to stay competitive against T-Mobile and went ahead with an unlimited plan while including the Hotspot with it. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind paying an extra few dollars to get the Hotspot included in the unlimited plan if it’s only going to be $30 or $20. Unfortunately, it sounds like T-Mobile won’t be going that route though. Still, one can have hope for that, can’t they?

The plan will be starting in just a couple weeks on September 5th of 2012. While this plan is going to be a serious money saved for many customers around the nation, I’m sure that AT&T and the other carriers would feel at least some sort of pressure to follow a similar plan or at least offer some additional features such as a 10GB plan. It’s in the realm of possibility, but I doubt we’d see it for a while as they are getting ready to release their Mobile Share Plan very soon here.

Will anyone be switching carriers for the unlimited data plan, or will you just be waiting and nagging on your carrier to see if you get the same plan? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Talk Android

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