Swype shows off new auto-complete feature

Yes, we are in the world of texting and everything that helps and not hinders is a delight, so for you ubertexters out there, Swype Connect has announced a life saving feature…well I might be slightly over egging the life saving, but finger cramp saving for sure.  The Seattle based company is getting out there, aiming high and hoping to shine where other Android keyboards can only dream to be.

So, I’ve hyped it…what is it?  The new feature is auto complete.  Though only a beta version, it is so fully packed with yummy goodness it will have your mouth watering!

The feature scours your messages, emails and browses your input habits.  Yeah…so what?  Through the aggregation of this data, Swype finds your writing style…yeah we all have one…and puts together a comprehensive dictionary comprised of all the words you use…but get the best bit…also the ones you use the most that aren’t normally found.  Yeah it’s that clever!  So the words you use from your local dialect, or the squishy squirmy words you and your loved one have only for each other, it will know.

Of course, we’ve all been there with developing technology and whilst this sounds amazing, of course just at the moment there are some downsides.  The techy bits can’t seem to deal with some things just yet.  So, the problems at the moment range from an added space after every comma to gliding your finger over a sentence only to find the dictionary doesn’t add some of the words you swiped.  Also, early reports suggest other things, like abbreviations with punctuation are not possible unless you add them to the captured word.

However, since texting is now growing at a faster rate than ever before, any feature, which helps save time in typing out our intended message, has got to be seen as a huge step forward and since it is not predictive text, it is utilizing your own written text patterns; this has got to be a huge step forward.

So, for the moment, the company is watching and listening to its audience.  Already acknowledging feedback, it says it has solutions to Swype Connect.  With your permission, this approach scans your social media persona and learns your writing style.  Whilst regular retraining can avoid some problems encountered with the app forgetting the content you typed in, let’s not forget, this app is still in beta version and bugs are always expected with beta versions.

A recent study in the UK by Ofcom showed that people are more likely to text than to make a phone call.  Whilst 58% of people communicated via texts on a daily basis in 2011, only 47% made a daily mobile call.  The study showed particularly the move away from calls to texts was being led by young people aged 16-24, with the average UK consumer now sending 50 texts per week, an increase from previous years, with fewer calls being made.

These statistics show how a developed product like Swype will be a welcome feature in the ever increasing global passion for text communication.

Source: https://www.androidauthority.com/swype-the-latest-android-keyboard-innovation-is-auto-complete-109323/