Square Enix Has More Upcoming Games In Store for Android-Based Devices

Game developer and publisher Square Enix, which is mostly known for its sophisticated multi-million dollar console game projects, will be releasing at least five games targeted for Android-based device owners. Gamescom would be the perfect event for the company to showcase its expertise in game development and since it’s a major event in Europe, it would also be the perfect event to showcase other games Enix has in store for console gamers.

Square Enix has released its full lineup for the upcoming Gamescom trade show. Their mobile lineup includes the much talked-about game titled Final Fantasy Dimensions, which will be the company’s primary display for android at Gamescom. In addition, Square Enix will also be releasing another five games including its patented Qwirkle, Motley Blocks, KooZac, SolaRola and lastly, the Mensa Academy.

Qwirkle is a bejeweled-on-steroids game which requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. Gamers will be matching tiles on the same colors and shapes as well. While it is not as popular as the other titles, it would be a perfect time-killer for Android users.

Motley Block, on the other hand, is a match-3 puzzle game played by dragging the fingers across the Android screen in order to connect similar blocks of the same colors, in a cyclonic pattern rotation.

Another popular and challenging game of Square Enix for release on the forthcoming trade show is named Koozac, which is created by Ben Cusack. It is on this game wherein gamers will be catered with a unique twist of Tetris and Sudoku games, all in a single title. It would surely become more appealing to people who love logic games considering it deals primarily with numbers and placements.

Meanwhile, Square Enix’s SolaRola is another popular game running on a classic puzzle platform that is already available for Android. This game, by far, has done quite unimpressively on Google Play as manifested by a few functional glitches but the next version for release at Gamescom is expected to work better.

One more Square Enix game for launch on the same event is the Mensa Academy. It is yet another game integrated with 100+ levels which gamers can play repeatedly. It is likewise promising more fun and stimulating mini-games. A rigorous test which is designed to calculate gamers’ Mensa scores will also be accessible for thrill-seekers.

More promising integrated functions and features of each game are expected to be revealed by Square Enix on the much-awaited trade show at Gamescom.

Source: Droid Gamers