Sprint Offering $400 in-Store Credit To Certain Customers

Okay, so, Sprint really wants everyone’s business. So much so that the carrier is offering $400 in-store credit for activating three lines on their Everything Data Share or Simply Everything Data plans. The credit that they will give you is available to use towards the purchase of a few “qualifying devices,” whatever that could be. I really doubt that it’ll count towards some of the newer handsets, but I’d like to proved wrong with that.

There is a catch to this $400 in-store Credit though, it’s most likely something you’d expect though. Yes, a  2 year contract is going to be a requirement for this deal. Not only that, but all lines must be active a minimum of 60 days. The qualifying period started yesterday and will be running through September 15th, which actually isn’t a bad period of time to get this deal. It should be noted that there are also a couple of others things that should be said about this deal.

As with most offers in this world, there is always some sort of fine print that boasts of a few caveats. Yes my friends, you won’t be able to get a tablet with this new contract. Well, you will, but it won’t be a qualifying device. That said, its appears that phones are the only qualifying devices for you to get this juice $400 in-store credit. Tablets, accessories and portable hotspots are sadly not included. Not only that, but if the device you’re getting using the credit is eligible for a mail-in-rebate, you won’t be able to get that along with the credit. Yeah, sadly they don’t want to be that generous, but oh well, can’t have everything in life, am I right? The credit that you’ll be getting is going to have to be used in full at the time of purchase too. That said, you could ask if you could pay a couple of months in advance. That would be pretty awesome, eh?

There is also a catch to this deal though. The catch is that one line must be transferred from another carrier such as AT&T. They won’t accept anyone that is affiliated with Sprint for the deal. Carriers like Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile are apart of Sprint and therefore will not be apart of this deal and/or contract. It is obvious that Sprint really wants your business, but they mainly want some new business.  Obviously it’s no surprise that they’d want new business as most carriers do, but it’s interesting that they are actually offering $400 of in-store credit to get this new business. I’m not sure it’ll be that beneficial though, AT&T and Verizon have some of the best 4G LTE networks while Sprint is lacking in that area.

All of this information has come from a leaked flyer, so it’s not %100 concrete. Still, it sounds like a really good deal, so it might be best to head into your local Sprint store today and ask what’s going on with the deal.

source: Android Central