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Sprint Bashing AT&T and Verizon’s Shared Data Plans, Boasts of Its True Unlimited Data Plan

Depending on how many people are on your data plan, shared plans could potentially be a really good thing. Both AT&T and Verizon has adopted this business model mainly to “bank” off of data usage, but even though the sole goal is to earn money, it can potentially help you save money. Other carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile aren’t fond of this though. Lately, Sprint has been boasting of their last true unlimited data plans in the country. Lately they have even been breaking in their new advertising campaign to remind you that you don’t need to share your data.

In a Press Release, Caralene Robinsone from Sprint said “the concept of sharing a monthly data allowance across a family or group of users increases the likelihood for a surprise monthly bill due to data overage charges.”

I’m not entirely sure what the idea was behind that statement, but I’ve found that it offers a whole lot more data and freedom than AT&T’s normal data plans. I do agree that sharing data might require some unnecessary overage charges if someone isn’t watching it carefully, but overall I think it’s a great thing if you have a group of users on one plan. What Sprint isn’t mentioning is that they only have a small amount of LTE cities up and running. That small amount is less than 15, just to let you know. What they also won’t tell you is that, if they had more LTE cities, they’d be hopping on the Shared Data plan bandwagon too.

Jarred Sutherland, a Droid-Life commenter summed it up perfectly:

No, T-Mobile and Sprint would LOVE to do the same but it would give people even less reason to jump to or stick with those carriers. They would love to stick it to customers but they realize that they don’t have the resources that Verizon and AT&T have. Big business is not your friend, they are there to be as profitable as they can be, in whatever way they can be. Props to their PR firm though, they would be stupid to let Verizon and AT&T get away without at least some jabs at them.

I personally think the shared data plan works in certain situations, but not all of them. It can potentially save you a few dollars while also helping you lose a few dollars, it just depends on what way you use it, really.

What do you think of shared data plans? Are they worth it or are you not sure yet?

Let us know in the comments below!

source: Droid-Life

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