Spotify Goes Free On Android

Spotify started allowing smartphone users in the U.S. to access its radio streaming service through the company’s Android app in last July. Although, Spotify was offering different sorts of member ships to its users, which also included an invite based free trial as well; however, the users did had to pay in order to keep using the service of streaming radio on their phones. This did turned off some users who wanted to stream music on their phones but nonetheless, the cost people in the U.S. had to pay for subscription was much less than the subscription fee of Spotify for the rest of the world. However, as things might seem now, Spotify is giving its android app offer for free. But users of free subscription will have to witness some ads in their Spotify app.

The streaming radio features of Spotify were previously only available to those users alone who subscribed for a premium membership, but that all has changed with the new free offer, which will however, feature ads as well. A free app does not mean limited features, as free users can use features such as voting tracks up or down, which actually helps Spotify in making their services better, by assessing your musical tastes in a better way and suggesting you more tracks on its basis. However, there are features that will only be available to premium users of this app, because there are still plenty of people who do not want to put up with advertisements and want access to rest of the service’s premium features.

It did take some time for Spotify to become free, but for the time being, this service/app is only free for the users in the U.S.

Following are some key features of Spotify’s app that is available for Android.

Spotify allows its users to stream radio on their android devices now, where they can save songs they love and discover, save, and enjoy an unlimited amount of music on the go for free.

Play everywhere: Regardless of where you are, you have access to millions of songs with a single tap. Just like the desktop version of this app, the Android app also has the entire Spotify catalog to choose from.

Just create stations: Users can create stations based on album, artists, or playlists, and Spotify will bring you all the great songs related to your station. There is an option to skip if you disagree.

Save the songs you love: You can listen to any song you gave a thumbs up to because once you do so, it will be saved in your “Likes from Radio” playlist. This makes saving songs easier than any other option available on most apps.

Make it more personal: The online radio streaming gets better the more you use it because as you go on rating songs thumbs up or down, Spotify learns from it and  refines your suggestions according to your likes and dislikes.

However, Free users will have to hear occasional ad-breaks, which premium users will not. Other than that, there are a few more options that are only available to premium users.


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