Sophos Mobile Security for Android Now Being Offered for Free at Google Play

Sophos Mobile Security app for Android is now available at Google Play Store for free. Security software and hardware vendor Sophos announced several months ago that it will go in an all-out war against malicious codes and apps designed for Android devices. While Google’s mobile operating system is a relatively new player in the industry, it has become considerably popular in the last couple of years attracting hackers and other people with malicious intents.

There are quite a handful of free and paid anti-virus apps from the Play Store and some of them actually received good reviews from the users. However, Sophos believes it can do better in protecting Android users that’s why it started developing the mobile version of Sophos anti-virus.

This lightweight anti-virus application features protection for Android mobile devices against malware, privacy issues, and hardware loss without reducing or even slightly affecting the device’s performance and battery life.

Sophos Mobile Security for Android the following functions:

Anti-Malware Scanning. As expected of it, the security app will have the option to fully scan Android devices it’s running on. As long as its database is updated, everything malicious inside the devices could be detected. Experts say it starts from the point where the devices show vulnerability. The scanning also enables the software to look into applications and updates before they are installed.

Loss and Theft Protection. This is an added functionality for the app, however, it is as important as the other features. This functionality enables users to remotely lock their devices in cases of stolen or lost phone. This is important in preventing others to use the device or divulge personal information which may be present inside the device.

Privacy Advisor. To heighten the security inside the device, Sophos Mobile Security has a feature that would inform the user immediately if some apps are trying to get access to the user’s personal information such as name, address, email and credit card numbers. With Google doing everything to promote Google Wallet, there is no doubt Android devices will become another mode of payment for the many. And since Android is relatively new to this financial sector, there could be many loopholes hackers can manipulate to gain access to sensitive data.

Payal Mehrotra, Product Manager at Sophos, said that Android platform is vulnerable to attacks since it is an open platform. Anyone with necessary know-how can open up the platform and add all kinds of malicious code and Google does not have any process for thoroughly examining how the platform is used.

Mehrotra added that the entire Sophos product line is sold through the channel. They are hoping that the channel will promote the free tool and use this as a means of opening the door for their other products.

Some capabilities to the Sophos Mobile Security are expected to be added in September. The company plans to offer managed Enterprise version of Sophos Mobile Security with enhanced functionalities, such as security advisor and remote wiping capabilities. This version targets corporate users in need of higher levels of protection for enterprise devices and sensitive data. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store now.