Sony LT25 Tsubasa Shows Up In Benchmarks with HD Screen and Dual-Core 1.5 GHz CPU

Believe it or not, but Sony is currently working on yet another Android smart phone at the moment. Sony has already launched half a dozen models this year alone and there are still a few more up its sleeve, which the company is planning to announce on August 29 at the pre-IFA event. So, this new smart phone by Sony is a LT25, which no one has ever heard about before.

This new smart phone, the LT25 stands right below the Xperia S in Sony’s portfolio, which is a LT26. The LT25 has a codename and its Tsubasa, which is Sony’s continuing its tradition of naming its upcoming devices with Japanese sounding codenames.

The Tsubasa is planned to have quite a few versions for a global rollout. There will be the SO-01F for NTT Docomo, the SOL21 for KDDI in Japan, and the LT25c tailor made for China Telecom. The LT25i, an international LTE version as well as the LT25h, which is an international HSPA+ version.

According to the information that is available on Tsubasa, it should have a 720p HD touch screen with an on screen Android navigation keys. Moreover, this smart phone also has a dual core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor as well. However, there is no news about which Android version it will be running on, but hopefully it will be at least Android 4.0.

The Tsubasa just might be capable enough to deal with the international competition because Sony’s key market is Japan and mainly Asia. So if it wants to take on the international smart phone market, then presumably, the Tsubasa will do a good enough job if its other features are as good as the one’s we already know about.

Sony is a well known name all over the world and its smart phone should make people think about giving it a chance, especially if it is available on contracts. However, the price factor will play a major role in determining the success of Tsubasa in the international market because there are plenty of other smart phones by well known manufacturers that are offering processing power with HD display. The only way Sony can gain an edge over them is if it offers a lower price on their smart phone as compared to their competitors.

Moreover, we still do not know how much storage the Tsubasa is offering at the moment because the more internal storage a smart phone has, the better it is considered by smart phone users. Since, Sony is offering cool features like its competitors; we can assume that the storage capacity would be similar to other smart phones as well.

However, we should cut our chatter now and wait for the end of this month and hope that the Tsubasa also gets unveiled at the pre-IFA event. If not, then we would have to wait a little longer and settle for the devices that are unveiled by Sony at the upcoming event this month. So leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the upcoming Tsubasa by Sony.

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