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Sony Applauds The Experiment To Build AOSP For Xperia S

Google announced Jean-Baptise Qeru would be working on plans for an “experiment” that would make the beloved Xperia S a “target” for the Android Open Source Project. Many of us got really flustered over the idea of a non-Nexus device seeing some official AOSP builds. I’ve seen both negative and positive response from the community, but I think this is a fantastic idea. It would be “a new challenge,” Queru said in the Android Building group, and noted later that “the potential end result that could be visible would be upgrades arriving very slightly earlier for many Sony devices.” Since the Xperia has a pretty large community around it, who would not love that? I mean seriously?

Now, the other side of the things here is Sony. Many manufacturers hate people tinkering around with their hardware, messing with software and etc. Many expected a negative response from Sony. Yeah, guess what? They’re all for the idea, a company spokesperson told Android Central earlier today.

“Sony Mobile encourages and supports external innovation and the openness that Android brings,” Sony told Android Central in an official statement. “Our Developer World team have supported community driven Android projects for a long time.

“It is now great to see that representatives from started this project, which aims at putting latest Vanilla Android on Xperia S, thanks to our unlockbootloader service. It is great to see that the project already received support from community of Android developers who can contribute to the project Google opened up. This project is driven outside Sony Mobile, however we will of course follow the progress and see if there are things we can contribute with along the way.”

This all shouldn’t be a surprise though. Queru in an April Google+ post gave praise to the code that Sony had been providing back to the AOSP in the first place, and noted that it has made things easier for the company in the long run. I think we can all agree that Sony is on a bit of a tear when it comes to updating its devices though. That said, this should ultimately be benefiting Sony in the long run (no wonder why Google wants them to make an Xperia Nexus). I was personally so happy to see that the spokesperson even went to lengths to say that “however we will of course follow the progress and see if there are things we can contribute with along the way.” Good on you, Sony.

“Since Sony has been contributing a lot to the Android Open Source Project, they have fewer changes that they need to maintain on their own: those changes of theirs are already there when the source code is first released,” Queru said.

Is anyone looking forward to seeing the AOSP continue for the Xperia S? I personally can’t wait to see how it all works out especially with Google backing the project. Man, that is justamazing to see.

Any thoughts on this AOSP experiment?

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