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Smaller Dock Connector Cable for the Next iPhone Spotted


Apple uses the standard 30-pin dock connector for some late versions of the iPod Classic, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. But we’ve been hearing about a change to a smaller dock connector with the next generation iPhone, which is slated to arrive in October. We saw a few preliminary reports showing the design of the next iPhone which also featured the aforementioned smaller dock connector. And now we finally get to see a USB cable featuring a mini sized dock connector captured in an image. The image was captured and uploaded by a Twitter user named Jack Yao who apparently runs an online store that sells accessories.

If this is indeed a cable for the next iPhone, bad news awaits existing iPhone/iPad/iPod owners as it could be a major switch from the existing device architecture. However, Apple could just as easily launch compatible adapters for a hefty price tag to seek more revenue. So it would be wise to wait before purchasing any Apple products. Remember to take this with a pinch of salt though, as it could easily be a cable for some random piece of gadgetry.

As Slashgear points out, the cable doesn’t show any signs of a visible latching mechanism which would hold the cable and the port together, which makes us believe that it could be something like a MagSafe connector used in Apple’s Macbook lineup.

It will be too early to comment on the authenticity of the cable shown in the image, and it’s not known if it belongs to Apple. But in all likelihood, this is a third party cable. Apple doesn’t impose any restrictions on third party iPhone accessories, so this could be one of them that leaked prematurely. The MagSafe Connector seems like a great idea for iPhones considering that it reduces the chances of the device or the port getting damaged with forceful removal. We have yet to receive confirmation about this from Apple, so we will rather wait till then before coming to conclusions. It does however seem like something that Apple would do. It goes without saying that a lot of people will be upset with the change in connector ports if Apple decides to do so.

Source: Slashgear
Via: GSM Arena

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