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Small Galaxy Note 2 Details Emerge; Says Device Is Slated For an October Release

There is only two more days to go until Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 2 at the IFA 2012 convention. We still know nearly nothing about the phone/tablet (often called a “Phablet”). As you would expect though, as we get closer to the unveiling small details are starting to unleash about the new Note device. The most recent of these leaks comes from SamMobile, which is usually really reliable when it comes to Samsung-related leaks. Since I started browsing SamMobile on a almost-daily routine, I have found nothing but a reliable source.


The report seems to have come from a sort of retailer spreadsheet, lists the official name as “GALAXY Note II,” alongside the model number GT-N7100 (if it wasn’t easy enough to guess, the previous GALAXY Note had a model number of GT-N7000). Not only that, but also reported was two different color variants with one being a “ceramic white” and the other marked as TBD (to be determined). I think that we could either suspect a slick black color or a “carbon blue” as the previous Galaxy Note had. I think that the latter is most likely.

According to SamMobile’s sources, the Galaxy Note 2 will be appearing during week 40 (Oct 1-7), which isn’t long from now. It will be launching alongside a new color variation for the Galaxy S III called “titan grey.” This also has matched up with when we are expecting to see the black Galaxy S III land on store shelves, that said, it’s possible that “titan grey” is the official name for the new color of the Galaxy S III (pictures make it look pure black, not grey!).

As usual, this is all rumors, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet. After all, we are only two days away from IFA, so we should hopefully get some official details on colors, released dates, pre-orders and all of that good stuff. Hopefully we’ll also be seeing some more info on a point and shoot camera based off of the Galaxy S III instead of the rumors we have too!

It’ll also be interesting to see if Sammy will have any other “unknown” announcements to make, which is rather unlikely due to devices usually leaking before the event take places. Still, I wouldn’t put it past them and nor would it be very surprising to me. We’ll just have to see what happens I guess.

So, there are only two days until the IFA 2012 convention in Berlin, Germany. Is anyone going to it and/or looking forward to the convention (if you’re not, you can head on over to Samsung’s Facebook page where they have information on their livestream if you’re interested in watching the convention take place this year)? Are you looking forward to anything that Sammy will be announcing or are you more interested in the likes of Google or even Sony? For me personally, I’m looking forward to what both Google and Sony have to announce (Xperia tablet…oh man).

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source: Android Central


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