Skydrive Gets Windows-8-Look Upgrade

Windows 8 is spilling over to other products of Microsoft including and Skydrive .  Hotmail got an overhaul with the introduction of its successor,–which has attracted over 10 million users a few weeks after its launch recently. Now Microsoft gets a new focus in painting a new look for its free cloud storage, Skydrive. The service is getting the “Metro” design, also known as modern interface.

Unlike, which for the most part only received cosmetic changes, Skydrive is getting more than a new appearance this time. The service is now searchable, allowing users to search for text within Office documents. Other behind the scenes functionality are also introduced like a more streamlined ability of users to now select multiple files and to drag and drop them between folders. Ordering of files has also become smarter by adding excellent sorting options. A user can also save files per folder now, minimizing closing and opening times of a document.

The apps in the service will also get more enhancements over the coming days. Microsoft will be releasing an update for Skydrive clients running on Mac OS X and Windows. According to the tech giant, the new Skydrive version will load faster  and will upload files faster to the cloud without taxing a machine’s processor when it checks for modified files.

Developers using the Skydrive API will also see some enhancements. Skydrive will now allow them to upload files to the cloud regardless of size and file type. Microsoft said it added an improved JavaScript-based file chooser to allow easier uploading for Web applications to open and save files from Skydrive.

A Skydrive app for Android is in development and will be released in the next few weeks as well. A sync feature will is currently being considered by Microsoft too.

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