Sharp iPhone 5 LCD Screen Production Delayed, Could It Affect iPhone 5’s Release?

Japanese manufacturer Sharp hasn’t started mass producing Apple’s iPhone 5 LCD screens yet, according to the report from The Wall Street Journal published on Friday. This raises an obvious question: Will Apple be able to stick to the rumored release date of iPhone 5?

WSJ’s sources said that Sharp was due to start shipping the LCD panels by the end of August but mass production was reportedly delayed in part due to unknown reasons. With this, there is no certainty when the company could start the shipment.

Reports have it that Apple employed three manufacturers to produce the panels for its upcoming smartphone and Sharp is one of them. The other two are South Korea’s LG Display Co. and Japan Display Inc. which reportedly started shipping the units they’ve built.

It seems like it’s never new for Sharp to be in this situation as earlier this year it was also delayed in shipping LCD panels for Apple’s New iPad. But despite the reported delay, the rumored release date of the slate happened just in time and there was never any shortage of supplies.

The same report was published by Reuters saying that the sources who are close to the production provided the information in exchange of anonymity because the issue is so sensitive.

Apple will officially unveil iPhone 5 on September 12th and the release date is believed to come two weeks later. The company didn’t provide information about its new smartphone and it has always been like that ever since. It values confidentiality really well and no one would actually know about its new products until officially launched.

According to reports and speculations from experts, iPhone 5 will come with thinner and measures 4 inches from corner to corner or around 30% larger than the previous versions of iPhone. There were reports saying the new generations off iPhone will feature Retina Display, a technology used in New iPad, but there was never any information that confirms it.

Sharp could be delayed in shipping its LCD panels for iPhone 5, the production may not be disrupted as there are other manufacturers handling the same task for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Sources: Reuters | WSJ

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