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Samsung’s Fall Calls for A Change in Android, Chameleon UI Might Be Considered

After weeks of trials held at San Jose courtrooms, the court officials had found out that Android’s functions were quite too comparable (even similar) with Apple’s patented iOS. The devices associated with Android OS were also found to have some similarity on Apple’s devices that are protected by patents. Now that Apple owns the legal standard on mobile operating system and other patented features, what will be the next move Samsung and Google will do to generate originality? Probably, Android’s user interface needs to undergo some amendments to have its own patented features.

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Google could resolve this issue in no time. One of Android’s advantages is being highly customizable. Anyone who is using a smartphone or a tablet with this OS can have a choice on how their home screens should loo either by customizing the widgets or layouts of their choice, whichever they prefer. This is just one good thing Android has, but users also need some unique experience they all deserve. And Android needs a drastic change, by having a new interface that will drive the power of innovation.

Chameleon UI for Android 

Google could buy some third party add-on UIs. Chameleon is currently the apple of the eye as it is one of the most unique UIs available in beta form. It could incorporate this interface to its mobile operating system. Chameleon is originally designed for tablets but Google can adjust this interface for phones for sure. After all, Android tablets and smartphones are not totally different. In fact, many third party developers have tried cross-porting these two UIs.

The hotly expected Chameleon user interface, which is entirely based on HTML5, will soon be available to the public. It is expected to give a fast and consistent experience on every device. Also, due to its HTML5 environment, none of Android’s built-in widgets that are accessible in Google Play Store will work with this launcher. However, the system is divided into a single page grid that allows users to place Chameleon widgets wherever they like. This promising UI can change the entire look that Android has today and even Apple cannot negate its uniqueness.

Google’s Necessity

Creating a new and unique interface on Android might be uncertain but it should be done. Google is expected to develop software reinforcements to modify Android. Apple’s victory over Samsung will be short-lived. But there is actually a need for Google and other Android device manufacturers to have more innovative features and not create something that mimics any of Apple’s patented systems. Yes, in some ways Android mimics iOS no just in design but also the experience. This issue hasn’t escaped the eyes of the experts as well as they assert that using Android smartphone is almost like using iPhone, and Android tablet like iPad.

Now that a court ruling favors Apple saying that Samsung infringed some of its patents, we can expect more suing to come. In fact, Apple has already started with other manufacturers. It’s just a matter of time before the Cupertino-based company will turn its eye on Google which is the root cause of all these. There is no certainty whether the Samsung vs. Apple decision will affect the future ruling of the case filed by Google’s Motorola against Apple over voice-recognition patent. But let’s wait and see how these legal battles end up.

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