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Samsung’s 11.8-inch Tab P10 with Retina Display Info Leaks

As the battle for patent label against Samsung filed by Apple at San Jose, California court heats up, several Samsung and Apple products have been disclosed to public. A leak came from court documents said that Samsung is planning to produce its next Tablet device – an 11.8-inch “P10” Tablet embedded with Retina Display and LTE connectivity.

According to The Verge, the latest Samsung Tablet would bear a 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution display with a pixel density of 256 ppi, making it qualify for a Retina-like Display. Once officially released, the new Samsung Tablet will be referred to as “P10” Tablet.

During the World Congress Trade Show held last February 2012, Samsung was supposed to reveal a fresh, large, high-resolution Tablet which could be the “P10.” If this gadget will come out, then it will be the biggest Tablet available. Nevertheless, it might also hamper some of its commercial possibilities.

While Apple is making an extravagant claim for the Retina Display, it is not impossible that the other company will be looking for a similar ultra-high resolution display device of their own. And it is so surprising that Samsung will manifest this on a Tablet bigger than iPad’s size. Samsung is the largest supplier of LCD’s and AMOLED’s, hence it makes sense when the company is up to produce such innovation and get into the world of Retina display for its Galaxy line.

Meanwhile, because of the patent case filed by Apple, trades of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have been banned in the U.S. If recalled, Apple is claiming that the key design patent on its iPad is also entrenched on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. And for this reason, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh released a restraint order on the Tablet. But Samsung is repeatedly insisting that the design is “generic”.

Aside from the impending Samsung “P10”, other products that leaked on court documents include two Windows Phone 8-based Samsung devices that will soon be called Odyssey and Marco. Both devices are said to possess a lot of likeness with the early prototypes and sketches of Apple’s iPad and iPhone gadgets.  As the scuffle for ultra-high resolution patent label case goes on between the two companies, the public is looking forward to see and gauge with the latest Samsung 11.8-inch Retina display Tablet on their portable computers.

Sources: CNET | ZDNet

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