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Samsung vs Apple Case Slowly Coming to a Close As Jurors Begin Deliberation

With the testimony from both companies finally finished just a couple days ago,jurors for the Samsung vs Apple case have now begun the deliberation. This lengthy case will finally come to an end very soon. While it’s felt like the Clash of the Titans movies all over again, the Federal trial has still managed to last over three weeks. To be honest, it feels like a whole lot longer though. Now, this multi billion dollars case is resting in the hands of 9 (hopefully intelligent) people. Just remember that Apple is trying to somehow prove that Samsung Electronics has somehow in some way ripped off of the designs that Apple has created with the iPhone and iPad due to the success of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 10.1 amongst some other popular Android products created by Samsung Electronics.

With billions of dollars at stake for Samsung Electronics, and not to mention the consequences this will have in the market for the mobile industry, we should not be expecting a speedy decision for these jurors anytime soon. According to Professor Mark P. McKenna of the University of Notre Dame Law, “This case has huge implications, it could result in injunctions against both companies.”

There are probably a lot of you that are really wondering how the jurors will make such a huge decision that could massively affect Samsung Electronics. First, Judge Koh is going to read a 109 page set of instructions (I would hate that job) intended for the jury, and as they make their decision, jurors will be required to fill out a 20 page form that includes dozens of check off boxes. With that said, these jurors are going to have a ton of work to do (I hope they’re are getting paid rather nicely). Secondly, the jurors will all have several different smartphones and several different tablets at their disposal inside the jury room to help them further their decision as to what certain patents could have or could have not been infringed upon.

This trial has really gone nuts these past few weeks and I for one am ecstatic that it’s finally going to come to a close after the jurors make their decision. I really don’t think Samsung is at fault here though. If they are, definitely not the extent that Apple is ridiculously claiming. Whether Apple likes it or not, $2.5 billion (and probably climbing) in damages is ridiculous to ask for. How can you really ask for $2.5 billions in the supposed “damages” that happened with sales concerning the iPhone and iPad due to the popularity of several Samsung Android devices. Samsung’s attorneys award them $399 million after claims that Apple had actually used Samsung’s technology without any proper compensation and after refusing to agree on a licensing deal. I really think $399 million is much more reasonable on Samsung’s part, maybe Apple should fallow suit? On the other side of things, attorneys from both companies must seriously just be banking in the money. I can only imagine how large their paychecks will be when this is all over.

I may sound biased towards Samsung, but that aside, do you think that Apple has at the very least some rights to their claim? Or would you think that they could just be a whining baby after seeing that Samsung is having such a huge impact on their market shares. As a personal pinion, I think that Apple is beginning to see how much of a threat Samsung has become (along with many other companies using Android devices) and is now finally trying to do anything they can to slow Samsung down while they establish another foothold in the market. I’m actually kind of curious as to why Apple didn’t file this case as soon as Samsung released their first Galaxy S if it was such a blatant copy off of the widely known iPhone? Maybe Apple had just not thought Samsung as much as a threat back then, but now with everything exploding for Samsung on the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tabs and the most recent Galaxy S III, Apple must have finally come to a realization that they need to take action and fast before Samsung gains more ground against them in the mobile market. That is, if they haven’t already gained the majority of it (i.e. 10 million Galaxy S III’s sold).

Now that this case is finally coming to an end, it’s probably time to reflect on the case let us know what you think about it all. Is Samsung in the right or is Apple in the right? While I hope Samsung comes out as the winner of this lawsuit, I also hope that the jurors make their decision with the right mind. If Apple wins due to proof that Samsung violated infringements, so be it. Just as long as things are rightly thought over.

Here’s both Apple’s and Samsung’s closing arguments in this on-going lawsuit:

During closing arguments Tuesday, Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said Samsung was having a “crisis of design” after the launch of the iPhone, and executives with the South Korean company were determined to illegally cash in on the success of the revolutionary device.

Samsung’s lawyer countered that the technology giant was simply and legally giving consumers what they want: Smart phones with big screens. They say they didn’t violate any of Apple’s patents and further claimed that Apple’s claimed innovations were actually created by other companies.

Anyone ready to see what ends up happening with the upcoming lawsuit with Motorola vs Apple? That will definitely be a interesting one since Motorola has been around for quite some time developing wireless technologies. Having played with an iPhone before, Motorola’s claims are definitely valid and there is no doubt that Motorola will be coming out on top with at least a settlement if their proposed ban is denied by the courts.

Stay tuned with TheDroidGuy to see how this Apple vs Samsung case works out and then the upcoming battle with Motorola and Apple!

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