Get to Know Samsung’s New Galaxy Note BT S Pen with Bluetooth and Speaker

Samsung has been pulling off some of the most exciting stunts lately and completely upsetting the tranquility of the communications market.  Their launch of Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet yesterday was a special fete for Samsung fans but there is something else they unveiled that you do not see every day – a pen.  Although Samsung did not mention a word on the new HM5100 S Bluetooth Pen with an inbuilt microphone and speaker during the press conference, those who were keen noticed them hand them out to the media attendees while they were leaving.

This is not a picture of a bored office lady thinking of something to write, she is actually making a phone call with the S Pen.  The BT S Pen looks a lot like the standard issue note S Pen that you can use to make and receive calls without the need to touch the tablet

So, what actually is the S Pen?

The new Galaxy note tablet comes with 3G capability, meaning that you can use it as a phone to make calls, but how ridiculous would it be to hold a 10 inch tablet on your ear to make a call?  This pen acts as a headset and it enables you to make crystal clear calls on your tablet without touching the tablet itself.  Besides this, the pen can also be used as a regular stylus on the tablet.

The specs sheet indicate that this pen has a battery good enough to run the pen for 3 talk hours or up to 130 standby hours per charge.  The pen weighs merely 21 grams and compared with the standard pen, is easier to use and fits even better on the pocket.

The pen comes with a micro-USB cable that can be used to charge right from the tablet or phablet.  You can get this Bluetooth pen as a separate accessory to use on your tablet or galaxy phone – how cool is that?

What we do not know though is when this Bluetooth pen will be available commercially, how much it will go for or where it will be available first.  With the tablets in the market, a Bluetooth pen that combines the functionalities of a Bluetooth headset and a stylus is very welcome, but we hope Samsung will keep its price reasonable, say $30 or less.

We will be on the lookout for any developments on this pen, when we see something, we will keep you posted.