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Samsung teases “Something Smart Is Coming” at IFA – Possible Windows 8 Device

Most tech freaks have been anxiously awaiting for the IFA, which is going to be held at the end of this month and with not much time left to this event, Samsung launched one of its teasers – an advertisement actually, which shows glimpse of an laptop. However, some people say that it is going to be handheld device. But, I disagree because the advertisement or teaser if you prefer to call it that, did showed navigation keys with Fn key signs on it that enabled “End.”

However, both of these scenarios can be true because Samsung is not bound to feature just one device at this event. So, people who saw a tablet can be true as well as people like me, who saw a laptop in this teaser.

The group of people that supports that it is going to be a tablet, because Samsung is planning to give its users more mobile device rather than devices that are heavy and hard to carry around. However, yet again I would have to disagree; because the group of people who think that it is going to be a laptop, – the group that I belong to at the moment – believes it is a laptop because last year at the IFA event, Samsung unveiled it is SALTE PC Series 7. In addition, this year, there are chances that Samsung will be featuring something that features the Windows 8 operating system in full swing on their latest laptop. So, it is very safe to say that it is going to be something similar.

Those of you who do not know about Samsung SLATE PC Series, here is a short recap for you guys. Samsung designed its SLATE PC series for users who needed maximized productivity in a mobile working environment. The SLATE PC series was running on Windows 7 OS. It was a mere 12.5mm thick and its weight was just 850g. With Windows Core i5 processor, this laptop not only ensured performance, but also ensured longer working hours with its battery that gave 7 hours backup with one charge. This was the ultimate ultra book that was ultra portable and ultra versatile. Moreover, when in office, this laptop could be transformed into a full PC with its docking station.

If Samsung is planning to launch a tablet, then it just might be a laptop killer. According to CIO Journal Blog, the new SLATE Series PC by Samsung is going to be a laptop killer thanks to its docking features.

How true the statements are going to be, we are all going to find out that sooner than we think. Meanwhile, at the anticipation rises, all of us are helplessly left to rumors and news and teasers such as the one Samsung recently released, and let our imaginations run wild. No one can say for sure what the teaser is all about, but as the hints indicate and as history have told us, it can be a tablet or a laptop, or yet another SLATE series powered by the coming Windows 8 for ultimate user experience.


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