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Samsung Says More Color Variations For Galaxy S III Coming

We’ve already seen that Samsung is planning to release a black variant of the Galaxy S III to add more variety to the S III lineup, but it has actually just been announced that the Korean tech giant will also want to be adding availability in three other colors as well. We currently only have Red and White available to us, but now Samsung wants to continue their theory of the device being “inspired by nature.” Samsung’s blog says that these new color variations are “derived from man’s relationship with natural materials and perfectly compliment that handset’s organic experience.” Holy technical details, can you just tell us what the colors are already, Samsung?

The “Garnet Red” variant of the Galaxy S III has already been available exclusively from AT&T for the last month. That said, Samsung will soon have the option for consumers to buy the new color variations in “Amber Brown,” “Sapphire Black,” or “Titanium Grey.” While these new color choices are great for newcomers to the Galaxy S III lineup, I’m sure many will not be purchasing these just for a color upgrade on their smartphone. Besides, as you see in the picture above, the “Amber Brown” looks disgusting. I really don’t feel a “relationship” with that sort of “natural material” and it definitely does not give me a “organic experience” with the handset.

Samsung has said that this availability of colors will vary, depending on two options which comes to your carrier and what country you live in. That said, you may not be able to get your hands on one of these new color variations

Samsung says that the availability of colors will vary, depending on your carrier and the country that you live in, so you may not be able to get your hands on all of the new options straight away. While I doubt we’ll be camping outside AT&T and Verizon stores to get this new color variant, the Sapphire Black does sound cool. Not cool enough to purchase a completely new advice, mind you. There has not been any sort of official word on a release date and pricing for these new models (if the price goes up for a black color instead of white, that’s ridiculous). Currently though, the black variant of the Galaxy S III has been available for pre-order at for £499.95 since August 13th, with the website saying that the handset will be available within 4 to  6 weeks of that date. I personally am not entirely sure on the accuracy of that statement, but it might be something to look forward to.

Will you be getting a new color variant once the handset releases or will you be sticking with your White or Red Galaxy S III? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Police

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