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Samsung Offer Free Apps For Owners of the Note 10.1 In The United Kingdom

Apparently Samsung is trying to promote its use of their S Pen for the Galaxy Note 10.1. The company is offering owners of the Galaxy Note 10.1 in the United Kingdom the opportunity to get started with the S Pen right away with some free applications. All of these freely available apps and games have been optimized for the S Pen which is included in all Galaxy Note 10.1 units. It’s cools to see that games and apps are becoming optimized for the S Pen though, if you look at it, it really is a pretty cool tool. Some of the free apps that are included are Drop the Beat, Spot the Difference, and Where is it? There are plenty more, but those are just a few of them.

Along with the free apps, Samsung will also be offering up a few free subscriptions to some of the more top digital magazines and newspapers. While it should look excellent on the Galaxy Note 10.1’s display, I wonder what kind of subscriptions are included. It’d be cool to see if PCGamer and Game Informer were among them, I’m not very sure if either is very popular in the digital market, but I know they are popular when it comes to paperback copies of the various magazines. That said, I can hold on to hope for them, right?

There are actually a numerous amount of apps and games available on both Samsung’s very own app store and the store we’ve all come to know and love as Google Play. Galaxy Note 10.1 owners (again, in the United Kingdom) will be able to download these app through the already included S Suggest application on the Galaxy Note 10.1. Here’s the complete list of games and apps you can expect to download:

Samsung Apps

  • Drop the Beat
  • Geotag
  • Stargazer
  • Spot the Difference
  • You Draw
  • Need for SpeedTM Hot Pursuit

Google Play Store

  • Where is it?
  • Trace a Face
  • The Official Top 40
  • Easy Phone Sync

Again, you can download all of those apps via the S Suggest app pre-loaded onto the Galaxy Note 10.1.

As far as we know, this deal is only for users in the United Kingdom. We aren’t sure if this offer will be coming to users in the States or if it will be even moving beyond the United Kingdom and further into Europe. Obviously everyone likes a good free app, and I am sure even more so with the new S Pen technology. Aside from that, I wonder if Samsung will be looking into offering more free apps in the future as they become available and get optimized for the S Pen.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated if this offer ends up coming over to the States or even further into Europe. In the mean time, is everyone enjoying their new Galaxy Note 10.1? What’s you’re favorite app on the new device so far? How does it compare to some of your other tablets if you have another one? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Talk Android

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