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Samsung May Unveil Two Samsung Galaxy Note 2 During Mobile Unpacked Event in Berlin

Samsung has already sent out invitations for its Berlin “Mobile Unpacked” event on August 29th, 2012. Tech enthusiasts and mobile lovers are expecting to know the full specs and other relevant information about Samsung Galaxy Note 2 once the manufacturer officially unveiled them. This new device is seems to be getting the treatment Galaxy S3 received from the company during the Unpacked event in London on May 3rd.


The early unveiling of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is believed to pre-empt Apple’s launch of iPhone 5 in September 12th. This is also a confirmation of reports that the South Korean phone maker will release the second generation Galaxy Note earlier than Apple’s fifth generation iPhone in a bid to undermine latter’s sales as their legal battles over alleged patent infringement become nastier.

However, prior to the official launching event, tech lovers and the people who may have been waiting for legit information about the reported Galaxy Note are left to speculate what the device would be like following several rumors about the specs.

5.5-Incher Galaxy Note 2

The first rumors to surface about Galaxy Note 2 suggested that the second generation smartphone-tablet hybrid will sport the industry’s first unbreakable Super AMOLED screen with 5.5 inches in size. Logic would tell us that second generation devices are often upgrades of the first and will come with higher specs and added new features. This practice by Samsung was also well-portrayed by its Galaxy S series, which is in its third generation now.

The rumors of a 5.5-incher Galaxy Note 2 started just days after Galaxy S3 was released following the publication of the information of the lighter, unbreakable and flexible AMOLED technology popularly known as “YOUM.”

Other information relating to Galaxy Note 2 suggests of a 2GB RAM, quad-core Exynos processor and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean being the native operating system out of the box. If these were true, Galaxy Note 2 would double the RAM and processing powers of the previous version while skipping Android 4.0 ICS OS.

10.1-Incher Galaxy Note 2

GSM Arena, a website dedicated on publishing mobile-related news, confirmed receipt of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review unit on Monday, August 6th. Based on the hands-on video it has posted on YouTube, there is no doubt this device is real and definitely be the one to be unveiled later this month.

However, this device hasn’t been named or referred to as “Galaxy Note 2,” rather Galaxy Note 10.1. We have always been torn between calling Galaxy Note a smartphone or a tablet but this device is definitely, unquestionably a slate.

What’s alarming is that the rumors which revolve around this device suggest that it will not feature Samsung’s AMOLED technology. In other words, the rumors that we’ve heard about Galaxy Note 2 are not the same as the ones this device offers.


There is a greater possibility that Samsung will release two different Galaxy Note 2s in the following weeks. There is a need for the company to maintain what it has started when it released the first generation Galaxy Note. If it seeks to build up this product line to gain more popularity in the future, it should follow the footsteps of Galaxy S series.

We understand Samsung is trying to acquire a bigger chunk in the tablet market, thus releasing a tablet stuffed with cool features and high specs is a must. Galaxy Note 10.1 is the company’s foray to competing with Apple’s popular tablet, the New iPad.

I may just be speculating here but based on the trail of reports revolving around Galaxy Note 2, I believe there will be two Galaxy Note devices to be unveiled on August 29th in Berlin. The first is the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that has 5.5 inches screen while the other is the already revealed 10.1-inch tablet still being referred to as Galaxy Note.

As Apple plans to file new patent charges over Samsung Galaxy S3, popular Galaxy Note devices may be the ones to be left unscathed by these legal disputes. This leaves us to believe that the South Korean phone maker will release more Notes in the future. The Cupertino-based tech titan is more focused on suing the Korean company over Galaxy S devices.

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