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Samsung May Be Rolling Out Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update on August 29th

I came across a blog post somewhere that got me excited and I thought I should share with you – about Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android Jelly Bean.  Well, the talk of the internet is that Samsung is working on rolling out the much-craved-for Android OS update as early as this month!  According to the guys at GSMArena, credible sources from Samsung Mobile report that Samsung will have the update ready for the S3 users by 29th of this month – the same day that Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Note 2 during the IFA event in Berlin, Germany.  If this happens, Samsung will surely steal the limelight in so many levels on this day.

What I find interesting about this over the air update though is that even with the device still just a couple of months old, there are several software builds on various Android forums and sites especially on XDA.  We have been left to guess on the progress SamMobile has been making on the software update for so long so far but it appears they have been busy.  If you have an S3, one thing you can be sure of is that Samsung takes this handset very seriously, it was evident from the way they launched it.  It also appears that Samsung has been keeping a tight leash on security when it comes to software and news leaks as well.

The sources did not mention whether this update will be coming to specific versions of the Galaxy S3 or there is an update for every S3 – international included.  Since Android jelly bean is still fresh from Google’s kitchen, we wouldn’t blame Samsung if it took a little longer to roll out the updates for all the S3 version but we have to congratulate them on the speed it took to roll out the update if they indeed roll it out on the 29th.  For now, we just have to wait and see if this happens or if there is any new leak developments that say otherwise.

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