Samsung Looking To Render Apple Patent Useless Using Diamond Touch, Court Case Takes A Turn For The Better

Both Samsung and Apple have been going at each other in court for the past few weeks because of patent violations on both sides. The trial is finally beginning to wrap up with the Judge slightly looking like she is in favor of Apple. The only thing is, Samsung may have just opened up their weapon of mass destruction to finally settle this once and for all. The company presented evidence just yesterday afternoon that could just potentially be their saving grace. Samsung’s lawyers had just finished questions their second defense witness, Mr. Adam Bogue who is a Mitsubishi engineer. According to Bogue, he demoed a piece of fantastic hardware called the Diamond Touch to Apple engineers in 2003 which would allow users to shrink and expand images by grabbing and dragging the virtual corners on the hardware. Essentially this is the pinch-to-zoom we know today. Unfortunately, Apple seems to be pretty dumbstruck. This whole litigation is obvious that they aren’t after protecting their brand but trying to earn another couple billion dollars.

Samsung’s case to the jury is that how they can possible be found guilty of “copying” patented technology when the technology that was patented shouldn’t have been granted a patent in the first place. All that may not sound like Samsung has this in the bag, but surprisingly enough, Apple’s cross-examination of the witness brought out even crazier results. When asked who owns the Diamond Touch today, Bogue replied with “Quinn Emanuel.” Guess what? Quinn is the law firm that is representing Samsung in the trial. They began to wheel out the actual Diamond Touch model into the courtroom.

Will the Diamond Touch be able to help Samsung prove that Apple shouldn’t hold their patents in the first place, thus Samsung Electronics will be found not guilty? It’s going to take a couple more days of trial, but after all that it’s ultimately going to be up to a jury to decide on who wins the litigation. At that point, the little kids fighting in the lunch room will be dismissed. At least until next week when Apple decides to dig up some other bull crap.

Below is a video of the Diamond Touch and its performance from almost 10 years ago, long before the iPhone was released with its patented technology. Heck, this could of been even before the iPhone was even a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eyes. As it says in the video, it’s “not just multi-touch, it’s multi-user-touch.” I think that this Diamond Touch is Samsung’s saving grace. Unless the Judge is a huge Apple fan, I think Apple’s about to be feeling sorry for themselves.

What do you think about this Diamond Touch popping up all of the sudden? Would you consider it to be Samsung’s weapon of mass destruction? If Samsung loses the case, I’m sure that Quinn could sue Apple for a lot of money since they own the product. Apple is really starting to walk a very thin line. It’s going to end up being really bad for them.

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