Samsung Gives Loyal Fan Unique Dragon Galaxy S III

Samsung Canada apparently believes in the adage “ask and you shall receive.” The company reportedly sent a free customized Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone for one of its loyal customers. Shane Bennett, a Samsung fan, posted the following message on the Samsung Canada page three months ago:

“Hello, I have bought many Samsung products. I currently have a Samsung LCD TV, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung laptop. I eas just wondering if I could get a free Galaxy S III.” It is worth noting that during that time, the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone had not even hit market shelves yet.

In an attempt to get on Samsung’s good side, Bennett added, “I have attached a picture of a dragon I just drew for you.” The picture is a crude doodle that shows a green dragon breathing fire despite the fact that its mouth is closed. Next to the dragon, the word RAWR had been scrawled.

Initially, Samsung Canada rejected his request, reasoning out that they simply cannot give a free Galaxy S III phone for everyone who requests for it. However, Samsung added: “your drawing of the dragon is epic, so we’re returning the favour. Please find attached a drawing of a kangaroo on a unicycle.”

The exchange became viral, and media picked up on as one example of good social media marketing.

As for Bennett, he mentioned that “Samsung won [him] over with the gesture,” not knowing back then that in a few months, he would be getting a customized Samsung Galaxy S III featuring his dragon drawing on the back plate as well as on its homescreen. In the note that came with the smartphone, Samsung says that Bennett’s phone is the “only customized Galaxy S III in Canada.”

In the end, it’s a win-win situation: Bennett got his wish, and Samsung got the amount of publicity it wanted.

via mobilesyrup