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Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Unveiled Prior to Official Launch

For some fascinating reasons, Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G lately emerges on the company’s website before its official launch date. Initially appearing on the South Korean manufacturer’s official site was a complete 360-external view of the freshly renamed and soon to be released Samsung handset. While it was just a short appearance, the images that showed up put an end to speculations and questions as to how the freshly renamed Galaxy gadget would be like. However, the key features and its specs were not disclosed on that post.

Highlighted on the controversial page mostly include its hardware functions particularly the ones found in the main interface of the upcoming Galaxy S Relay 4G. Located on the upper portion of the device are five of its key physical components including LED notification, earpiece, light and proximity sensors, front-facing camera lens and the indicator icons.

The main screen contains a shortcut to all apps available including the Favorites Tray. And lastly illustrated on the bottom view are the essential keys including the Menu, Home and Back Keys for users to navigate, while the microphone slot is located beneath the Menu key.

Found at the back of the Galaxy S Relay 4G are the phone’s camera lens, flash and speaker while the Volume and Power/End Keys are found on the opposite sides. The USB Power/Accessory Connector and a 3.5mm Headset Jack are placed at the bottom. What is new with the latest Galaxy S is the slide-out QWERTY keyboard which is purportedly designed for those who do not prefer on-screen keyboards.

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G is the new name tagged for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q, which was previously rumored to launch last August 15th but apparently, it did not happen. So far, Samsung still has no update as to when the exact date for the Relay 4G’s official launching.

The pictures of Samsung’s Galaxy S Relay 4G smartphone posted on Samsung’s official site basically show people with plenty of things. They reveal a complete detail of the smartphone’s physical appearance and hardware composition.

Hence, what the people have to look forward during the official launching of the product would only be its full specs and details of the smartphone’s internal features and functions. Not to mention, its price; rumors said Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G is going to be a budget-friendly handset in the market.  Currently, the images have been taken down from the website.

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