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Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update To Get A Ton Of New Features

Ice Cream Sandwich brought a ton of new features to those who own Android device and also had offered notable changes to the performance of a device. One of those features that was included in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was the “Premium Suite” of applications (for the Galaxy Note, at least). The update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S III brings some new TouchWiz applications and features to the table. As we had reported a few days ago, the Jelly Bean update had already leaked to a Mexican news site. After that, the guys over at Android Central were able to put a list of enhancements and new features together. Here’s what they were able to find:

Redesigned Notification Shade

  • Redesigned date and time section
  • TouchWiz settings underneath new date and time section
  • Stock Jelly Bean expandable notifications functionality included
  • Certain Samsung applications include button controls from the notification shade

File Transfers over Android Beam

  • Android Beam now available alongside “S Beam” application
  • File transfers slower than “S Beam” as they are handled over Bluetooth

Task Switcher and Google Now

  • New Google Search and Google Now applications
  • Due to lack of on-screen keys, new button at the bottom of the task switcher has been added to launch Google Now
  • New button is accessible by long pressing the Home key

Basic and Easy Home Screen Modes

  • New home screen switching modes
  • “Basic Mode” consists of standard arrangement of icons and widgets, just as stock Jelly Bean
  • “Easy Mode” is a new and intuitive setting designed for first-time smartphone owners. It automatically fills in home screens with large widgets displaying favorite settings, applications and contacts
  • The modes can be switched through the Mode Control section in the Settings menu

Help Application

  • Geared towards first-time smartphone owners
  • Offers walkthroughs of basic tasks of keys, the lock screen, notification bar, wireless and networking settings, and setting ringtones

S Note Lite

  • Replaces “S Memo” application
  • It is a stripped down version of the Galaxy Note’s “S Note” application
  • Capable of creating multimedia notes consisting of texts, sound, video, drawings and voice recordings

Dormant Mode

  • Similar to iOS 6′s “Do Not Disturb” mode
  • Turn off specific notifications and events entirely or during specific hours
  • Block incoming calls
  • Disable the LED
  • Customize emergency controls, such as only receiving emergency calls from select contacts

Other Features

  • “S Planner” application has undergone a slight visual overhaul — the lines are cleaner and clearer, and it’s easier to tell what’s going on when multiple events are overlapping
  • The option to limit background data usage, which was confusingly absent from ICS-based Galaxy S III firmware is now available in the Jelly Bean update

Android Central also made sure to let everyone know that there weren’t any obvious or notable performance increases. That is mostly because the phone is already working at the speed of light while running Ice Cream Sandwich. Android Central is also predicting that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update should be available soon as the performance and stability appear to be ready for a release very soon.

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