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Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Newer Leaked Jellybeans Update [Official]

Samsung Galaxy S III is very soon going to get the Android 4.1 Jellybean update. According to some rumours, Google could make the release official on August 29, which is also the launching date of Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

However, we have already spotted a Jellybeans based Samsung Galaxy S III. That however was running a leaked ROM, as shown below.

That ROM had the build I9300XXDLG4, which means it’s a newer version of Jellybeans or Android 4.1.1. The date as mentioned states August 14, which means it’s pretty recent.

The newer release seems to pack some minor improvements, some of which include improvements to Google Now and various other Google services. Stability has also been enhanced, thereby providing a more robust and user-friendly experience.

If you’re adventurous enough to try this out on your Samsung Galaxy S III, follow this thread. It’s a link to a page on the XDA developer’s site. The page holds the download links for all the ROM files you might need to download. The installation is pretty simple and straight-forward. If you have installed ROMs before, this one should not be any problamatic. If you’re a first timer, we recommed doing a little research before updating your phone manually.

The ROM has been successfully tested on I9300XXBLG8/I9300OXABLG8/I9300XXLH1 versions. It may work for other versions too, but they have not been tested explicitly.

The update is specifically for international versions of SGS 3, and it is unlikely that other devices would be able to run this update. The update also does not require you to root your phone. (Though, rooting your phone is highly recommended)

In case you have any inqurires/ doubts regarding how to install custom ROMs or you cite some bugs/ problems with the newly released version of Android OS, feel free to post your queries on

In case you’re eager as to how this ROM works and whether it’s worth upgrading to, catch the new ROM in action here.

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