Samsung Galaxy Note II Could Arrive Earlier Than Apple iPhone 5

Neither Samsung nor Apple confirmed a fixed date for the release of their new devices but all signs are pointing to August and September. While the court  battle between these two big companies continues, neither of them wants to lose sight of the competition. Recent reports indicate that the Korean company is planning to hijack iPhone 5’s possible successful launch.

Reuters reported on Thursday, August 2nd, that Samsung is planning to unveil its next generation Galaxy Note (popularly referred to as Galaxy Note II) on August 29th, a couple of days ahead of Europe’s biggest electronics fair IFA. On the other hand, Apple was reportedly planning to launch iPhone 5 on September 12th. If both companies pursue with their plans, then it is logical that Galaxy Note II will arrive earlier than iPhone 5 which is expected to greatly affect the sales of Apple’s most advanced smartphone.

Analysts believe that the legal war between these two companies is one way to eliminate each other to lead in the competition. But with the South Korean able to sell 10 million units of Galaxy S3 within two months, the Cupertino-based tech titan is facing a great pressure to reclaim supremacy in the smartphone market with the benchmark raised so high that no other manufacturers could come close to breaking it.

Reports said Galaxy Note II will feature an unbreakable 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display, faster processor featuring Samsung’s Exynos quad-core CPU, powerful battery, high-megapixel camera and the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS; features that could surely attract smartphone lovers. Samsung is forced to release this handset just to pose a competition against Apple in the market. Its way of defeating other key players is by releasing powerful devices offered at a lower price range. The Galaxy S3 alone have converted thousands, if not millions, of iOS users.

There is no sufficient information about the specs of iPhone 5 but tech enthusiasts believe it would also come with more powerful processor and Retina Display. The company is eyeing October as the perfect time to release the fifth generation of its popular smartphone. The question is, could Galaxy Note II spoil iPhone 5’s sales?

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  1. Anyone who was paying attention would have been aware of the release dates of the S2 and Note and would have expected a similar release schedule this year.

    They are not ‘ruin[ing] their most important device’ by ‘creating a better version for everyone who got into a contract later’. They’re not going to suddenly disable people’s Samsung Galaxy S IIIs when the Note II is released. I can’t understand why some people seem so concerned that what they have may in some people’s eyes no longer be the latest and greatest even though the new thing is very similar to the older one.

    As for why the S3 is the flagship, not everyone is going to want a phone as big as the Note (even if the difference in size between it and the S3 is relatively small). I skipped the S3 and waited for the Note II specifically because I wanted the stylus technology – but S3 owners have had the advantage of a more advanced phone for 6 months.

  2. Whether or not many want to see it. The Note is aimed at enterprise users, not your traditional smartphone user. Although it is getting a larger part of that market share than it was anticipated to garner.

    WP8 on a Note device is the model for gaining market share with users who want both a highly functional mobile device for work and personal use.

    I’ve held a note and its not overly uncomfortable to carry in one’s trouser pocket. Skinny jeans… no. But, then again, that’s not the target demo.

  3. Five point three? A phone thats bigger than the hand of many geeks, who now have a real reason to wear their cargo pants every day. Youre not going to sit down comfortably with that slab in your front pocket. For the rest of us an iPhone is big enough.

  4. The Note 2 is actually rumored to have a 5.5 inch screen….and Spicy Female you are an idiot if you don’t think the IPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 will be competing against one another.

  5. They are! No less than 2 friends I knew had decided to get galaxy note instead of iPhone 4 s early this year. None of them willing to pay for the 4 s because it offered difference to their then IPhone 4

  6. I do not care about a competition between the Note 2 and iPhone 5. However, the fact that the Note 2 will have better specs than the S3 less than 6 months after the S3’s release has confirmed that the S3 is the last Samsung phone I will be buying. The idiocy of one upping your own flagship with a better device so soon after its release is breathtaking. Why is the S3 even the flagship if Samsung is releasing the Note 2? Are they trying to cannabilize their own sales? Or is this like last year when the S2 was ruined by the uber versions that were only a benefit to those who waited all damn year to get them. Very tired if this either way, if this does not stop I’ll probably go over to Apple. As far behind as they currently are, at least the don’t f*cking ruin their most important device by creating a better version for everyone who got into a contract later than you or had the foresight to realize that their satisfaction is secondary to the company.

  7. WAIT. There’s a Harley coming out before the iPhone 5? How many cylinders? WHAT SIZE ARE THE TIRES? Details, man!

  8. Seriously, who cares when one phone or another arrives?

    This is like breathlessly announcing, “New Harley-Davidson motorcycle may arrive before iPhone 5.”

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