Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Photos False

Do you happen to remember all the images floating around the internet that seemed to be revealing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2? In case you haven’t, many have claimed to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 images floating all over the internet and thus, got nearly everyone excited. Unfortunately, sources say that it’s nothing but an old image of a Samsung Galaxy S III concept that was thought up of by a fan of the phone. Don’t be sad though, were still pretty sure that Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy Note 2 this month on August 29th, unless of course, they talk about the Galaxy Note 10.1 since rumors are surfacing that some news sources have already received a review unit. Who knows though? Maybe they’ll announce both!

The good folks over at Concept Phones were one of the few of online publications who were quick informed by Samsung Russia that what was supposedly thought to be the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was just a simple rendering which was part of the “Imagined Phones” section. You can find that over on the Samsung Phone Owners’ Clubs website if you’re really interested in verifying this news. Either that or you just want to imagine a phone with the other creative concept artists who like to tease consumers mercilessly.

I guess that’s that though. Hopefully we’ll be seeing the real Samsung Galaxy Note 2 revealed later at the end of this month at IFA, which is taking place in Berlin, Germany on August 29th as noted above. Of course, we’re all probably super impatient now with wanting to see what Samsung’s new Galaxy Note is going to be all about. Either way, hopefully we’ll be able to see some “leaked” news about it in the comings weeks. If not, well, your just going to have to wait until August 29th at the IFA convention.

Even though this rumor has been destroyed, it’s still very possible that Samsung will expand the Galaxy Note 2 to a bit more than what was said to be a 5.5 inch phone. Sources say that the flexible AMOLED technology that Samsung has been trying to work with for the past few years could just possible be include in the Galaxy Note 2. In 2010 Samsung said it was dangerously close to production, so it’s a very high possibility that we could see this new type of glass included with the Note 2. Then again, this information is from a untrusted source, but it does make a whole lot of sense. Take from it cautiously and don’t get your hopes up.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed that they are going to be revealing the Galaxy Note 2, what do you think Samsung actually has in store? The Galaxy Note 2 or the U.S Announcement of the Galaxy Note 10.1? Or do you think they’ll be announcing both devices at the same event? Either way, let us know what you think they’ll be doing, even if it might be a flawed idea! Who knows, you might just be the only person that thought they will release a certain phone that no one has a clue about yet!

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