Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Images Are False

I may just be a little late to the party on this rumor, but, yes, my friends, the photo above is supposed to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and is really making its rounds along the internet as most rumors have been as of late. The image actually comes from Know Your Mobile, which was given to them anonymously (hug red flag right there, right?). It supplied the shot with a very familiar spec sheet boasting a 5.5 inch screen, quad core CPU and etc. So, could it just be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

I honestly hate bursting peoples bubbles, and this is one of those times. Why? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is something everyone is looking forward to. Thus everyone wants every little bit of information about it. There is only one problem with the photo though. The problem is, we’ve actually seen it just the other day. Wow, talk about a rumor fail! The Samsung fan artist, Daniel UY, actually published a near identical image just the other day on Twitter, with the same front panel configuration and silver trim. Interesting, huh?

Daniel’s image wasn’t leaked from Samsung, but instead an original creation of his own. It was simply fan art. Nothing else. The image was apparently manipulated by a third party and then sent out to various blogs and media outlets. That could translate into someone really just wanting to get their image plastered all over the internet.

These rumors are seriously getting ridiculous. It’s almost like someone needs to go and search for an exact photo across the internet to actually verify the claims because this month has been out of hand with rumors on the Galaxy Note 2. Sure, we all want to see it SO bad, but these rumors that are always turning out to be false are making the anticipation worse. I think that most of us will be able to agree with that, right?

In other news, Daniel UY released the full-sized original version of his Note 2 mock-up which then verified that the anonymous images people were sent were indeed false.

I guess we’re going to have to continue our wait for the Galaxy Note 2. Luckily we won’t have to be waiting very long as the reveal is coming up in only a couple of weeks. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was just recently announced in New York City, so I’m sure everyone’s excited to see what the Galaxy Note 2 can do in terms of what the Galaxy Note 10.1 can do.

Either way, my internet friends, we’ll be able to see what the Galaxy Note 2 will be all about in just a couple of weeks in Berlin, Germany. Until then, lets hope unless their is a official reveal, the internet trolls will just go away! We can all be hopeful, right? Possibly?

While on the topic of Galaxy Note 2 looks, what do you think it will look like? Near the same as the Galaxy Note or are you expecting something different? Let us know in the comments below!

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