Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Launches Tomorrow for U.S Market, 16GB/$499 or 32GB/$549

As many of us expected, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 10.1 at the event in New York City today. The heart of this tablet is the advanced S Pen with around 1,024 levels of sensitivity. When we first saw the Galaxy Note 10.1, it was at the Mobile World Congress, but back then there was not a slot for the S Pen available. This U.S version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 has completely been revamped to include a slot for the S Pen. That’s not the most interesting part of it though. When a user removes the S Pen from the slot, it will activate a taskbar for quick access to apps that are optimized for the S Pen. The most notable apps are S Note, Adobe Photoshop Touch and Polaris Office.

We’ve all seen what the S Note application looks like in Samsung’s first Galaxy Note, but this is actually an updated version with Shape Match included. Shape Match will convert hand-drawn shapes into perfect version for charts. If you want, it’ll even allow you to hand-write a formula and Shape match will solve the whole thing for you. S Note will also have knowledge search engine integration so you can easily search for whatever you’re looking for by writing it with the S Pen. This is kind of interesting as Google is already rolling out a knowledge base for their search engine. I’m not sure if that’s a mutual agreement between Google and Samsung or if Samsung made their own knowledge database for the S Pen.

“Our goal with the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 was simple – redefine the tablet experience,” said Tim Baxter, President, Samsung Electronics America. “The S Pen offers both active content creation as well as passive content consumption, while the Multiscreen capability finally enables true multitasking. For the user, the resulting experience is completely new and quite unexpected.”

The other major change from the Mobile World Congress is a 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core processor (as opposed to the dual core) and 2GB of RAM. Both the amount of Ram and the quad core processor will making the Galaxy Note 10.1 a dream come true when it comes to multitasking. After all, that is what the Galaxy Note 10.1 is built for. The multiscreen feature will allow you to use two different applications side-by-side simultaneously. This means that you will be able to view both web pages or videos (or some other application) one the side of the screen while you’re writing down notes or sketching with the S Pen on the other side of the screen. The amount of multitasking features this device has is perfect for both the everyday user and even people working in business. It truly puts Apple’s iPad multitasking to shame. With the Galaxy Note 10.1, you’ll be able to crop images from an application on one side of the screen and be able to drag it to the other side of the screen. Currently, apps that support the Multiscreen feature include S Note, Internet Browser, Video Player, Email, Gallery and Polaris Office. Essentially that is just the standard built-in apps that come with the device.

“Samsung’s GALAXY Note 10.1, with its pressure-sensitive S Pen, truly unleashes the power of Adobe Photoshop Touch and provides a great tool for creative expression,” said Winston Hendrickson, vice president products, Creative Media Solutions, Adobe. “More than ever, people around the world want to create, wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. We’re excited to be working with Samsung and look forward to seeing what they with the S Pen and Photoshop Touch.”

Pop up and Play will also be included with the Galaxy Note 10.1 (it was first introduced with the Galaxy S III). It will allow you to play back videos in a floating window that can be moved anywhere across the screen. This makes it easy for you to watch a video and write up a blog or email at the same time. It’s especially helpful for those who get the “afternoon boredom” during work. That’s not all though. Those who purchase a Galaxy Note 10.1 will also find that Adobe Photoshop Touch is pre-installed on the device (which is a $10 value). As said earlier, it is also optimized for the S Pen so users will be able to control brush sizes and opacity by adjusting the pressure of the pen on the display.

There’s no more need for those silly paperback book (I have to admit, I prefer paper!) nor do you need a e-Reader because the Galaxy Note 10.1 can handle that as well. It’s not just a standard e-Reader though. Kno’s e-textbook platform will be pre-loaded on the device. This means that K-12th grade or higher students will be able to download thousands of interactive textbooks. The social sharing feature in the textbook platform will also let you highlight and annotate text with the S Pena along with allowing you to share those annotations and highlights with other students and teachers. Also, if you’ve read my Barnes and Noble Nook review, you’ll understand why I love this following feature so much. You will find that the Nook app from Barnes and Nobe is preloaded on the Galaxy Note 10.1 along with a customized Nook for Android widget. Is that not amazing? Samsung supporting Barnes and Noble is like…a dream come true! My favorite bookstore and one of the best tech giants out there working together! I think I may have shed a tear of happiness (that may just be a bit over exaggerated).

Galaxy Note 10.1 - Image Missing

Samsung has been including some IR emitters along with the Peel Remote software in some of their most recent tablets. They did not compromise that in the Galaxy Note 10.1 at all. This will allow users to use the Galaxy Note 10.1 as a complete universal remote control! I’m pretty geeked out right now, I didn’t know if they’d include this or not because of their focus on productivity. Apparently, I was wrong though!

Guess what else? Samsung is appealing to you Dropbox users and letting you know that Samsung will be continuing their partnership with the cloud storage company by letting consumers have 50GB of free storage for two years with the purchase of a Galaxy Note 10.1. Lastly, you’ll find some of the very awesome features of the Galaxy S III like Smart Stay, AllShare Play and Group Cast in the Galaxy Note 10.1

The best part of this is that the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be available nationwide in stores and online tomorrow. Retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Tiger Direct will be selling them among a much more expansive list. If you’re in New Your City, you can grab one of these baby’s at BBY’s Union Square store right now if you’re in the Eastern Time Zone. As the title says, pricing begins at $499 for a 16GB or $549 for a 32GB model. You’ll also have your choice between a white or dark gray tablet. As far as accessories will go, they will include the S Pen replacement, S Pen Holder Kit, Book Cover in gray or white, Travel Charger, a USB connection kit, an HDMI adapter and a Universal Desktop Dock.

Anyone ready to open up their wallets and purchase one of these sweet tablets? This tablet is honestly what I would consider a revolutionary design when it comes to multitasking. Those who are constantly sending emails and get that afternoon boredom will be able to load up a video on one side of their tablet while typing an e-mail. Come on, have you actually seen a tablet do this before? Didn’t think so.

Sure it does not have a Tegra 3 processor, but it still has a pretty nice Exynos quad core. It’s definitely not “dumbing” down on the hardware. I really think the wait was worth it with all of this extra stuff the U.S got that those in Europe didn’t.

Well now that the Note 10.1 is revealed, we’re just waiting on the Galaxy Note 2 in the coming weeks. Hopefully we’ll see something with a couple of hours after all the awe wears off on the Galaxy Note 10.1 (meaning some hints at it from the event in NYC today). We’ll also make sure to get a review on the device up for you in the coming weeks. For now, there are plenty of other popular websites like TechCrunch and CNET who have some really, really good overviews of the Galaxy Note 10.1 and it’s hardware. Some have even done some demonstration videos and it looks fantastic. Whether you plan on getting this tablet or not, you have to admit that it is just a fantastic idea when it comes to multitasking.

With all of that said, do you plan on purchasing Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 or will you be waiting a couple of weeks in case of some weird bugs popping up. It’ll give it just enough time for everything to get worked out along with some firmware updates released. Let us know how you feel about the Galaxy Note 10.1 in the comments below!

source: Huffington Post

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