Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Gets AOSP Jelly Bean ROM

Those of you who are getting fed up with Verizon for having to wait for the release of the most recent Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for your Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE phones, here’s some fantastic news for you! Though it isn’t straight from Verizon, you’ll be able to get an AOSP build from the guys over at the XDA Developers website. Build JROo3L arrived on AOSP servers just yesterday and is now available for the public. That is, if you like rooting your phone and flashing custom ROMs on it. Either way, the desperation to get Jelly Bean running is pretty high.

As most of you were probably looking forward to, there is no official changelog just yet. One must also keep in mind that the ROM will also be able to be applied to work on Google’s latest tablet, the Nexus 7. As always, we caution you to be very careful when it comes to rooting devices. Obviously, you’ll need to root your phone to get the custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE, so proceed with extreme caution.

From what we currently know, Google Now is not working with the AOSP. They explained why in the XDA Developers thread and it seems to be because the AOSP is running GAAPS for Ice Cream Sandwich and not the proper Jelly Bean build. After reading through the thread a bit, it seems that Mmuzzy, the developer of this ROM, is looking for a way to integrate Google Now into the ROM.

If you’re looking to download the custom ROM, just head over to the source link at the bottom and follow the instructions that have been written up and laid out for you there. If you have any questions about flashing the custom ROM the guys on the thread are very helpful and seem to be very willing to instruct you in the correct way on how to do things.

If you’ve flashed the custom ROM already, tell us how it is! Any bugs? Is it any good? We’d love to hear, just let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: I found a changelog on the XDA Developers. Sort of:

August 8, 2012:
– Added patch for carrier check disable on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
– Moved files to file hosting!

August 7, 2012:
– Updated to new AOSP build JRO03L
– Due to weirdness with GAPPs, incorporated into ROM with working versions of Gallery, Camera, and Calendar
– Included new Google Wallet
NOTE: GAPPs no longer needed!

August 2, 2012:
– Incorporated new proprietary binaries for Galaxy Nexus from Google Developer page
– Updated SuperSU v0.94

A note from Mmuzzy, the developer behind this ROM:

“AOSP JellyBean 4.1.1 Build JRO03L hot off the AOSP servers. I compiled it myself and confirmed root is working and device name edited to Galaxy Nexus… nothing else. Boring ol’ Android boot and all. This ROM is pure AOSP. The only files that were changed or added were to make things fully functional as intended. Thank you to for hosting my files.”

source: XDA Developers

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