Samsung Defiant After Legal Loss, Says It Will Fight Ban On Its Products

The epic legal battle between South Korean Samsung and Apple is not over yet  as the latter, aside from asking a $1.05 billion patent infringement payout, has also moved to block the sale of Samsung’s products listed as having violated its patents.

Samsung vowed not to let that happen and declared that it would take “all necessary measures” to prevent Apple’s move.

Apple listed eight Samsung Electronics products including models of Droid and Galaxy series as having infringed on its patents.

“We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the US market,” said Samsung. The South Korean giant is the biggest technology company in the world today.

The list of eight devices Apple found to have violated its patents is a short list of the total devices involved in the case, which numbers to 28 products. Apple said that it is still trying to consider whether or not to it seek permanent injunctions to ban the sale of the said devices. The listed phones belong to the older models but are currently still being distributed by carriers and online stores. The Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note series are not included in the suit.

The jury overseeing the case declared last 24 August that Samsung has intentionally violated the six patents of Apple for tablets and smartphones.

It is known that other countries ruled that Samsung’s products do not violate Apple’s patents. A South Korean court declared that both companies infringed on each other’s patents and accordingly fined them.

Samsung said it is fighting the decision of the jury and will be modifying or removing the features on phones affected so that they can be kept on the market.

The presiding judge, Lucy Kho, has scheduled another hearing on September 20 to decide whether to enforce the injunctions or not against Samsung products.

The loss of Samsung in the U.S. is part of  a nine-country legal battle between the two tech behemoths and was seen as a major defeat for smartphone makers running the Android operating system.

A significant number of other smartphones makers are running Android on their phones including about 90 percent of devices from Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, LG, and HTC.

Samsung has also hinted that the company can develop its own hardware and software for future models to avoid getting hit by patent infringement suits.

Currently, Samsung is also working with Microsoft to launch products running the new Windows RT operating system for mobiles.

The loss of the legal battle was a big hit for Samsung as the company’s shares dived to about 7.5 percent the day the jury’s verdict was announced. The drop was the biggest one-day dive the company has encountered in almost four years. So far, Samsung shares has rebounded and the company recorded a 1.27 percent rise yesterday.

source: indiatimes

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